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The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel

First timer in New York with my husband made it like it was our very own Sex and the City scene where Mr. Big and Carrie just falls in love again and again. We spent our 9 months anniversary at Rosewood Carlyle New York. When people asked me how was my stay at The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel , I would have a sweet smile on my face and say it was what I imagined. It’s an understated luxury hotel that I don’t need to show off about because my friends can already tell I had a pleasant stay from my instagram photos. A thoughtful and warm welcome with my favourite 3 kind berries with a Mr & Mrs Cheung personal note. Walking into the...
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Shop Smart with Sands ICBC Rewards Card

If I told you guys I don’t shop a lot this would be a lie. In fact I do shop a lot and not just for myself, I like to spend money wisely for my family too. I used to think earning points was super old fashion since my parents would have a few credit cards for all kinds of reward point earning. In the short term you will think it doesn’t really help, but in long term run it’s something you should try!  If you are like me who likes to shop for investment/ quality stuff then it’s time to think about ICBC Sands Lifestyle MasterCard.  I absolutely  feel like a smart fashionista whenever  I walk out a shop, since I get the cha...
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I travel to see the world, I work for a better life, I style for my passion and I enjoy them at the same time. I guess it’s a kind of living style that I have within me and has gradually build up my vision to how I see the world. During my interviews, I have been asked a few times ” why I started blogging? ” To be very honest, I started my blog just because I wanted to document my passion for styling and humbly shared it to others. It turned out more than just styling itself, this blog has taught and guided me to unique directions that I have never thought about. I started to strive for improvements  to learn, to see, to li...
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when in Europe

When in Europe, you will be drawn by it’s artichtures  and lifestyle that motivates you to experiment with European style. Romantic settings that increase your passion with your loved one. I can’t wait to explore this city next week through my style and love story.      FACEBOOK / WEIBO/ INSTAGRAM  Follow my blog with Bloglovin xx vnikali  
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2014 resolution inspired by M·A·C AIDS Fund

Not long ago, I signed up for the Unicef Marathon on behalf of M·A·C AIDS to support the awareness of the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS. The 5km run was a bit of a challenge for me since I was used to short distance sprinting from high school track and field. Whenever there were long distance running, I would be the first one to raise up my hand to surrender. This was a great opportunity for me to overcome my fear for long distance marathon. 5km might be easy peasy for others but for me it was a good challenge! After training for a while, I discovered a few techniques that would distract my mind from thinking how ...
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