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I travel to see the world, I work for a better life, I style for my passion and I enjoy them at the same time. I guess it’s a kind of living style that I have within me and has gradually build up my vision to how I see the world. During my interviews, I have been asked a few times ” why I started blogging? ” To be very honest, I started my blog just because I wanted to document my passion for styling and humbly shared it to others. It turned out more than just styling itself, this blog has taught and guided me to unique directions that I have never thought about. I started to strive for improvements  to learn, to see, to li...
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when in Europe

When in Europe, you will be drawn by it’s artichtures  and lifestyle that motivates you to experiment with European style. Romantic settings that increase your passion with your loved one. I can’t wait to explore this city next week through my style and love story.      FACEBOOK / WEIBO/ INSTAGRAM  Follow my blog with Bloglovin xx vnikali  
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2014 resolution inspired by M·A·C AIDS Fund

Not long ago, I signed up for the Unicef Marathon on behalf of M·A·C AIDS to support the awareness of the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS. The 5km run was a bit of a challenge for me since I was used to short distance sprinting from high school track and field. Whenever there were long distance running, I would be the first one to raise up my hand to surrender. This was a great opportunity for me to overcome my fear for long distance marathon. 5km might be easy peasy for others but for me it was a good challenge! After training for a while, I discovered a few techniques that would distract my mind from thinking how ...
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vintage Houndstooth

A vintage piece of garment can be modernized with a bold statement lip color. It's not necessary to find the exact shade to match your outfit color but similar color tones can create a bold statement . This orange vintage Hounds tooth vest is my center piece along with  Maybelline's mat3 to complete the bright vintage look with minimal accessories. The transparent clutch balances vintage versus modern . Wearing sunglasses will draw attention to your lip color and bring out a chic side of you. Lastly, a brown belt is a subtle way to bring out your waistline. Happy moon Festival 🙂 Styling tips:The general rule for orange lip is...
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 Living in the city, we tend to forget how important it is to appreciate Mother Nature and we need to take action to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry. The scenery at Okinawa was absolutely gorgeous and I don’t want it to disappear. As a fashion stylist/style blogger, other than donating my clothes, I want to take action and start recycling my wardrobe.   If you have made a wrong decision while shopping, got something torn or out of trend – DON”T THROW IT AWAY! I encourage you to take a step to balance your habit of buying and recycling at the same time.  H&M has proudly launched their “recycli...
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