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Key. Skin. Beauty. Radiance.

Have you ever wondered what CLÉ DE PEAU BEAUTÉ means in English? CLÉ  is Key, PEAU is Skin and BEAUTÉ is Beauty, these simple keywords mean The key to Skin’s Beauty. When there is a key, there must be a lock to locking something or unlocking it. Don’t think it as a physical “key” but a new expression on knowing your inner beauty to release the power of vision. I am a huge believer in faith and inexhaustible energy that can change you inside out to effect on others too. As a stylist and tastemaker, I constantly strive for brightness of tomorrow to seek for new curiosities. This is what keeps my passion in what I do and h...

Fresh minty stripes and florals

A combination of baby blue stripes and mint florals for a fresh sorbet feel this Spring. We all have our preference in colors when it comes to looking refreshed and youthful. A few of my friends that loves nude pink and beige as their youthful colours and some like to stick with white. I personally love baby blue and mint as a youthful look, I like to combine it with stripes and floral for classic twist. For this Tommy Hilfiger spring collection look,  style it with an oversized reflective sunglasses for a glamours touch. I love how the shirt dress has subtle silk ruffle a the bottom that flows while  walking. Throw on a pair o...
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what’s your sweetie bracelets with charms?

Links of London harms can captivate a kind of meaning that will encourage my mindset to live the life I want. To make it my unique sweetie bracelet I have hand picked 3 charms as my direction for my new age. When it comes to picking charms I select charms that have quality and design to fit in my daily wardrobe. I tend to mix silver and gold together so it can go well with any of my outfits. First charm is ” Sterling Silver & 18ct Yellow Gold Vermeil Slim Cross Charm ” that constantly reminds me to have faith in God and myself.  The 2nd charm I picked is “Amulet 18kt Yellow Gold Vermeil Self Discovery Charm” that never fo...
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Tommy Jeans 90s sweater

Hoodies hasn’t really been my thing since high school because it’s way too slouchy and just doesn’t really suit my style. I still recall my favourite sweater was from TNA or lululemon. But recently, I have got my hands on Tommy Jeans 90s Capsule Contrast Crop Hoodie. What I love about this hoodie is the cropped cut that makes the sweater less slouchy and more sexy. It even motivates me to work a bit more just to show off the waistline. Although it’s a iconic 90s style , it gives a modern twist on dropped shoulder and contrasting pouched pockets. I am seriously in love with this hoodie, I can even style it with casual midi ski...
Category: 時裝潮流