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Book lovers

If your kind of happiness is the smell of new books, this book store will make you very happy. Recommended by Michael Kors, in the heart of historic Greenwich Village, Books Three Lives is now one of my favourite book store. It’s rare to find a bookstore around the corner with a neighbour friendly environment in Hong Kong. Blending into New Yorkers lifestyle, I spent an early afternoon on a Saturday enjoying life at a Peruvian food Restaurant  ” Panca”  nearby just before going to Three Lives & Company. Getting away from the hectic city life is my secret to a balanced life. Take some time to occupy your hands and mind with...
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Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market is well known for the amazing food hall for instagram worthy posts. Apart from the food, I got distracted by the shopping and cool exhibition around the area. I am the type of person that loves to find random goods from Flea Markets whenever traveling. If you walk all the way in Chelsea Market there is a Artist & Fleas presenting talented designers that you can find one of a kind giftables as well as artwork, vintage gems and stylish designs. I do recommend to go a bit early for a nice brunch meal instead of right at lunchtime hours since this place gets packed very fast. I got so caught up inside Chelsea Market B...
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date night at Vaucluse

Let’s ditch the night life of night clubs and really enjoy life with an alluring, vibrant setting at Vaucluse. Dressing up for a date night always excites me, especially when travelling to another destination. I had a little crave for a French cuisine dinner but with a New York vibe. Walking into the beautifully contemporary design elements of Vaucluse in my sequins top with live jazz music in the background already had me in the for a little celebration. Every month on the 11th, Lucas and I would have celebrate for our monthly anniversary. Two of the dishes I would recommend are the Foie Gras Poêlé and Côtelettes d’Agn...
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Empire State of Mind

When in New York, the first song I will recall is Empire State of Mind. ” Now you’re in New York These streets will make you feel brand new. Big lights will inspire you. Last time while I was in New York, I chose not to go up to the Empire State because I want to experience the moment I have been imagining for with Lucas instead of just myself. I have always had a fantasy of a romantic moment at the Empire State Building enjoying a precious 1 minute just the two of us with a 360 degree panoramic  view from the East River to Hudson River.  The Movie Finding Mr. Right inspired us to pick this landmark to visit if we were about ...
Category: 旅遊