If your kind of happiness is the smell of new books, this book store will make you very happy. Recommended by Michael Kors, in the heart of historic Greenwich Village, Books Three Lives is now one of my favourite book store. It’s rare to find a bookstore around the corner with a neighbour friendly environment in Hong Kong. Blending into New Yorkers lifestyle, I spent an early afternoon on a Saturday enjoying life at a Peruvian food Restaurant  ” Panca”  nearby just before going to Three Lives & Company. Getting away from the hectic city life is my secret to a balanced life. Take some time to occupy your hands and mind with books instead of a smart phone. I love to observe people on the streets to see how people enjoy their lives and how to enrich mine. 

Tips: The PAPA A LA HUANCAINA is my pick from the CEVICHES & APPETIZERS section. The potato puree is extra smooth with refreshing red peppers and onions to garnish. 

Panca Restaurant Address:  92 7th ave South , New York, NY 10014

Just around 4 min walk 7th Ave to W 10th street, you will enter to a small and cozy neighbourhood. This is were my book paradise begins. A bookstore does not need to be huge or  polished, it’s the people who visit and work their makes it special.  This recalls all the movie  bookstore scene from Funny Face, Before Sunset and  Nothing Hill. I tell you, life is like a movie, you just need to create moments of your own.

Address:  Three Lives & Company 154 West 10 St, New York, NY

Found my next book to read 🙂 Guess what it is? Stay tuned for my next #vnikaliflats !