Located in the heart of Central, Smile Center offers the latest technology in cosmetic teeth whitening that showcases high quality results at an affordable price. The treatment is one of the simplest and most effective way to obtain whiter teeth without pain or sensitivity. This involves the use of a proper whitening agent, the gel; and a whitening accelerator, LED lamp, ideal for stimulating the gel. Smile Center provides a peroxide-free gel that whitens your teeth only on the surface (no penetration into enamel) and a blue cold light that does not transmit warmth or UV light. They offer three different options, FLASH (750 HKD) which is recommended for maintenance treatment and takes around 20 minutes, CLASSIC (1050 HKD) which is for all teeth types to see Great results at 2x 20 minutes and PREMIUM (1350 HKD) which is for darker teeth shades and gives you the best results; 3x 20 minutes.

I opted for Premium to see maximum results. Upon arrival I was shown to the egg chair and made to feel very comfortable in their relaxing atmosphere. First I applied the pre-treatment liquid on your teeth with a finger wipe, before I had a cheek retractor placed in my mouth to help me hold my smile for 20 minutes. The staff then put the mouth tray that had the gel on my teeth and I was ready to go. I sat back with some protective glasses as the LED light shined on my teeth. After 20 minutes I rinsed my mouth with warm water and re-did this process 2 more times.

At the end of the treatment I noticed my smile got incredibly whiter! I felt more confident and couldn’t wait to show off my new accessory! Typically,  clients can expect their teeth to be 2 to 10 shades whiter and results can stay from 3-6 months depending on a persons habits. I was advised for the next 4 hours to drink only still water and for the following 20 hours to avoid if possible all kinds of dark beverage and foods (soft drink, red wine, coffee/tea, soy sauce, beetroot, etc) as that could stain my teeth.


Before & After

The staff at Smile Centre were very professional and made the treatment go by with ease. I was extremely happy with my results and is a definite recommendation for anyone who wants to brighten up their smile, or even just wants to maintain their teeth whiteness.

*All the products products and LED lamps are also certified by the FDA of America and are also compliant with the EU and Swiss safety standards on cosmetic teeth whitening.