Conveniently located in Central, L for Lashes is the first JB Lashes flagship salon in Hong Kong. They offer award-winning eyelash extension services from the United States, and their services and products are available in over 6000 retailers in more than 50 countries, including 5-star hotels.

I was interested to try this out as I have quite sensitive skin but L for Lashes carries exclusive pharmaceutical grade eyelash extension adhesive from U.S. which is latex-free and rubber-free, which specially formulated for those with extra sensitive skin.

They have 4 different styles of lashes (from left to right) Seductive, Cute, Elegant and Natural allowing customers to choose which lash style they prefer, or which best suits their eye shape.

I have quite long lashes naturally but I wanted a style to add some volume and to create a more cat-eye effect. I went with the seductive style. Upon the treatment I was shown to a private room where I was asked to lie down as the technician placed hydrating under eye gel patches that was formulated with natural ingredients such as aloe vera and glycerin to keep the skin under my eyes hydrated.

The whole procedure took about 90-minutes and throughout the whole treatment I was extremely relaxed and did not feel a thing, as L for lashes also use PBT lashes and not unsanitary materials such as animal or human hair. This made the lashes virtually weightless as PBT lashes weigh around 40% less than other types. Every tool, synthetic lashes, and pharmaceutical grade eyelash extension adhesives are all manufactured and sterilised according to FDA standards so I had no discomfort after.

I was extremely happy with my results and would definitely recommend L for Lashes to anyone who would like to have longer, fuller lashes. My lashes lasted around 3 weeks before noticing fall out which I was pleased with.