Located in the heart of central, Love Hair is a boutique hair salon that specialises in using healthier, more natural products. Founded by Toni Marie Ovenden, this salon is the answer to all our hair needs. What I love about this salon is that it is also an environmentally conscious business, as it looks to minimise their carbon footprint in any way possible. Love Hair recycles, utilises locally filtered water and best of all serves clients with safer, more natural products which is less damaging to the hair.

The salon features eco flooring, reclaimed wood shelving and screens, creating an extremely calming and relaxing atmosphere. Love Hair’s team is comprised of hair stylists with international experience. Their staff originate from all around the world such as England, New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong to name a few.

I had decided to visit Love Hair for a Balayage Treatment. Upon arrival I was shown to my seat, offered a tea and given an array of current fashion magazines for me to read as my treatment was getting done. I met my stylist, Grace, who had an extremely warm and friendly persona about her. We discussed what I wanted to do with my hair and she recommended what she thought would suit my face and skin colour.

Then the treatment began, Love Hair uses brands such as Kevin Murphy and John Masters for styling and colouring products, as well as another Aussie company called bhave for smoothening and straightening treatments.

We chatted along as Grace started colouring my hair and after letting the colour set for a little while, it was time to get it washed out. The hair wash was extremely relaxing putting me right to sleep. They used John Masters Organic Shampoo on my hair which is a definite product recommendation as not only does it smell incredible but it also feels amazing too! Grace then put a toner in my hair to make the colour a little more ashy and long lasting.

After getting my hair washed, I retreated back to my chair where Grace dried and styled my hair. She gave me a little trim to layer my face a bit more before creating voluminous beach-like waves to frame my face and to highlight the colour gradient.

Grace has had over seven years of experience working in a top London salon before moving to Hong Kong last year. She knew all the current hair trends, techniques and also was kind enough to give my some hair tips for styling and maintaining my hair!

Before & After


This has hands down been my FAVOURITE hair experience. The colour and styling was exactly what I had asked for, and Grace amazingly created that. All the staff at Love Hair were extremely friendly and warm and there is no doubt in my mind that I will be back to get some more luscious hair styles created!

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