Opened in 2012, Phuket Cleanse is Thailand’s leading All-Inclusive Detox Fitness Holiday. If you’re looking for a life-changing, active and motivational detox and fitness holiday this is definitely the place to come to. The resort is located in a tranquil residential location which is just a short walk from the main high street, and only a few minutes drive to three beautiful beaches – Yanui, Kata, and Naiharn Beach.

I checked into Phuket Cleanse for 7 days and I can honestly say it was the best 7 days I’ve had. Upon arrival I was greeted with a fresh juice ‘The Beet Goes On’ – beetroot, ginger, lime, rosemary and pomelo which is great for anti-aging and to help rejuvenate your skin and gut. The staff were extremely friendly and welcoming and helped me settle in straight away. I also had a fitness consultation with one of their instructors, Eli. She talked me though the program and we discussed what I wanted to achieve whilst I was here. She then measured my body fat, BMI and muscle mass and based on that and my goals, she recommended classes for me to do whilst here.

Phuket Cleanse offer a range of classes and activities that change everyday providing a great variety. The day usually starts with a sunrise hike/sunrise yoga class followed by breakfast and various activities such as Muay Thai, HIIT classes, Stand up Paddle boarding, Cycling, Zumba, Hip Hop Dance, various types of Yoga (Aerial, Hot, Bikram, etc.), Aquafit, Self-Defence and much more. With such variety, guests are able to try out different activities they would never normally do and change-up their routine everyday. Majority of the classes were held at RAW Fitness, a gym located approximately 5-minutes from the Villa which made it very convenient.

RAW Fitness Gym

As well as fitness classes, they also offer herbal sauna and ice bath sessions, everyday trips to the beach, a trip to coral island, a visit to the bustling night market, raw food cooking classes, meditation, 4 recovery massages a week and much much more. There is also a pool for those who want to just relax and lay out in the sun. 

Ice Bath

Coral Island Day Trip


You can also sign up for more personalised classes that they offer such as a chakra reading, nutrition plan, sound therapy and more. I had my chakra’s read and I was so impressed by the technology they had and the accuracy it demonstrated. I had never done something like this, or let alone had access to it so it was a great experience to learn about my body and how to make me feel more balanced.


One of my favourite activities was the raw cooking classes headed by Louella (instagram: little_miss_raw). All the food we were served at breakfast, lunch and dinner was beyond delicious and the presentation was immaculate that I couldn’t wait to learn some of these dishes to take home with me and try out. Everyday for lunch and dinner there was a different theme to the food and the Phuket Cleanse staff would decorate the table according to theme which made it feel extremely authentic. There was also a salad bar with every meal ensuring you get your daily dose of fresh greens!

Raw Vegan Enchiladas

At the raw cooking classes, we learnt various meals such as raw vegan pasta sauces, raw vegan chocolate, tom yum soup, indian curries, chickpea-free hummus and crackers and more. It wasn’t only raw food she taught though, we also learnt how to make all-natural products such as charcoal toothpaste, body butters, lip balms and even deodorants!

Raw Vegan Chocolate Energy Balls

What makes Phuket Cleanse different from other retreats is that they focus primarily on providing a raw food diet/juice detox with fitness supplements. Juices were provided with every meal and protein smoothies/energy powders were also available throughout the day. All the food/drinks contained no dairy and was raw and vegan. Guests however did have the option of eggs for breakfast and steamed salmon for dinner Monday to Fridays as it can be hard for some to switch to a completely raw-diet.

After my one week of clean eating and exercising, I met with Eli again before I left. I had lost over 2kg of fat and gained 200g of muscle mass which I was extremely happy about. The teachers at Phuket Cleanse really know how to push you to your limit and maximise your potential and their encouraging nature makes it extremely motivational for one.

There is also NO hidden cost at Phuket Cleanse, all activities, meals, air-conditioned accommodation, toiletries (all organic), unlimited laundry (yes they do your laundry for free!), massages, transport and supplements are all included in your price.


I could not recommend Phuket Cleanse more. I had the pleasure of meeting one of the co-owners Stanton who would frequently join in classes and come around the villa ensuring everyone was comfortable and having a great time. Phuket Cleanse has introduced me to healthier ways of eating, better ways to exercise and I was able to meet a variety of new people from around the world who I got to share my fitness journey with. I definitely will be making a trip back here soon.

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