Founded by a passionate French baker, Laura, Le Petit Croissant is Hong Kong’s very own wholesome breakfast delivery that is accessible to both homes and offices. Their pastries are extremely fresh and made-to-order in their kitchen located in Sheung Wan. Some of the pastries are also made by a local producer in a nearby village to Laura’s hometown and imported all the way from France!


I had the privilege of tasting some of their delicacies and they sure did not disappoint. I tried a range of products such as their croissants, mini pain au chocolat, ham and cheese swirl, mini chocolate muffin, mini blueberry muffin and strawberry yoghurt. All these pastries had a melt-in-your-mouth taste and texture. They were extremely yummy and tasted fresh, which is hard to find in some places in Hong Kong!



Le Petit Croissant also partner with a local artisan from Hong Kong to produce our juices and fruit cups. They offer a wide range of other pastries, fruit cups, yoghurts, cheese, hams and salmon, and fruit juices which is all available on their website here.




What’s even better is that they also deliver a fresh pot of coffee for all those in need! Delivery starts from 7am.


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