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Conveniently located in the heart of Hong Kong, Xtreme Lashes have opened their first styling studio in Central. Originated from the US and founded by registered nurse Jo Mousselli, Xtreme Lashes has trained over 27,000 lash stylists in over 27 countries. I had never tried lash extensions so I was both excited and nervous to undergo this process after seeing so many celebrities vouch on how they are the best beauty technique


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What is it?

Xtreme lashes are semi-permanent eyelash extensions composed of single strands of synthetic lashes that are applied one by one to your own natural lashes. Hong Kong has recently launched  “Faux Mink Ellipse HD” which are a type of synthetic lashes that aim to  maximizes volume despite its light weight – virtually, it eliminates the need to apply an eyeliner! This concept alone sold me as I am someone who likes to wear eyeliner on a daily basis and was looking for more volume on my eyelashes since they were already quite long.


The process

The process first began with me having to fill out a thorough questionnaire so the stylist could access which lashes would best suit me based on my skin, skin-care routine and sleeping habits. Once that was done and we discussed the various possible lash options I was shown into a room where I was able to lie down as the stylist began the lash process.

Each synthetic strand was tapered at the tip with a thick base and curled to replicate my natural lashes. As one lash extension was applied to one natural lash, the application procedure took approximately about 90 minutes (depending on how many lashes you need) and as a result I had approximately 100 new lashes per eye – which I could not feel at all! From my own experience I can proudly say that there was no discomfort during the whole process and Xtreme Lashes were very professional and informative as they briefed me step-by-step on what was happening prior to the procedure taking place.

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The Outcome

My lashes looked fuller and Xtreme Lashes was honest about not needing to wear eyeliner with these – saving me a good 10 minutes in the mornings! The natural look can last indefinitely with a 60 minute re-lash/touch-up session every 3-4 weeks. After 3 weeks I went in to do a lash count, from approximately 100 lashes on each eye, I had around 70 left which still looked relatively full. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who either wants to make their eyes pop, have fuller or even longer lashes! This extremely professional service by Xtreme Lashes is just what any girl needs!

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HKD 1,388

3/F, V-Plus, 68-70 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong      
Tel: (852) 3708 8961