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A lot of people say the first thing they notice about someone is their smile, but many people often shy away from grinning due to the discoulouring of their teeth. Located in the heart of Central, Smile Center is the answer to this little problem!


I have never whitened my teeth before so I was very curious as to how this procedure would take place. Upon my visit, I was briefed though the whole process before having my teeth shade tested.


After that, I got comfortable in the egg-shaped chair and was ready to start the process. The process has 6 easy steps to follow:

Determine the color of your teeth using our shade guide
Apply the pre-treatment liquid on your teeth with a finger wipe
Place mouth tray containing gel in your mouth
Sit down, wear protective glasses and place LED light in front of your teeth
Relax for one, two or three sessions according to the chosen treatment
Rinse your mouth with water

Each round takes 15 minutes and depending on which treatment you get, you repeat it 1, 2, or 3 times. After the first round, I already noticed a big difference in colour, after the second it got even whiter. I was told to push my bottom teeth out more as the top was more whiter, so I made sure I did this for the last and final round. In 45 minutes my teeth were gleaming and I couldn’t be happier! My teeth went from one end of the specturum all the way to the other – they really do promise results!



What really stood out for me though is that this process did not hurt a bit! I have heard stories that people have gone through whitening sessions in pain but Smile Center uses a peroxide-free gel that whitens your teeth only on the surface (no penetration into enamel) and a blue cold light that does not transmit warmth or UV light.

Who is this good for? Almost anyone and everyone who wants to brighten up and get those pearly whites gleaming!

Where?  1 Lan Kwai Fong, 17/F, Central

How much? Depending on the package (which doesn’t ever expire!) prices may vary: