Grace Kelly holds hands with Austria’s top wedding brand Julia Kontogruni to create the perfect wedding dress for Asian brides!

Grace Kelly, an international high-end wedding buyer, officially announced its cooperation with Julia Kontogruni, Austria’s top handmade wedding dress brand. The combination of the two top wedding dress brands not only marks the first time that Julia Kontogruni has entered China, but also will cooperate to launch a joint wedding dress for Asian brides.

As an international first-line wedding dress buyer brand and high-end wedding dress rental platform, Grace Kelly is known by many fashion people as Galeries Lafayette in the wedding dress rental platform. It currently has 45 stores around the world, serving more than 140,000 brides each year.

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Grace Kelly is committed to collecting the world’s top dress products. After entering Shanghai, China in 2011, The store brings together a number of international wedding dress items including: Berta, Milla Nova, Marchesa, Dior, Elie Saab, Choi Jae-hoon, Seung, Riki Dalal, Gaoding Jin Jin, and fashion week fashion show, It has become the largest high-end wedding dress buyer brand and rental platform in Asia and even the world.

Grace Kelly’s latest partner, Julia Kontogruni, a luxury wedding dress brand from Austria, is known for its luxurious and elegant handmade wedding dresses and has always enjoyed the reputation of “one million wedding dresses.” The brand story of Julia Kontogruni originated from the lace workshop founded in France in 1887 by Mr. Eugene Hallette, and its unique lace weaving technology and lace dyeing recipes. In 2002, designer Julia Kontogruni combined the antique lace of the Lamaison Hallette workshop with the Austrian Swarovski Crystal and founded the high-end custom wedding dress brand of the same name in Vienna. From then on, the wedding legend belonging to Julia Kontogruni was opened. From the British royal Duchess of Cambridge Kaitewangfei to George Clooney’s lawyer’s wife Aimo Alamudin, lace fabrics from Julia Kontogruni have been used in legendary wedding dresses for countless centuries.

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