What is your eleventh wedding anniversary?

A couple married for 11 years is called a “steel marriage”.

Moral: it symbolizes that marriage is as hard and rustless as steel. In France, they call their eleventh year of marriage a coral wedding. Symbol is purples and precious, color outstanding, no matter what marriage, is the need for two people to work together.

Two, 11 years of marriage anniversary speech:

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary, so I would like to express my gratitude to my wife of 11 years.

Thank you, take me into the marriage hall, have a belong to our home; Thank you for giving me a lovely and naughty son, is the continuation of our life, this is the most essential thing in the family;

Thank you, along the way we support peer, taste the ups and downs of life, you did not leave me, I also did not leave you, no matter how difficult;

Thank you for sharing weal and woe with me. In these eleven years, only I know how much you suffered, how much to eat the bitter, only you will not abandon my poor, poor, because you love you, I also love me;

Thank you, for our family’s happiness, hard work, silently dedicated, and no regrets, how valuable!

Thank you for your… 11 years of marriage, slowly moving towards plain and plain, as long as our hearts always have the same ten years ago that insist, our marriage is still as happy!

Thank you, my dear wife!

What to buy for your 11th wedding anniversary:

11 roses.

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After 11 years of marriage, you can send roses to your lover. 11 roses represent love your whole life, together with a candlelight dinner, I believe your lover will be moved by your romance.

2. Customized jewelry.

Jewelry jewelry is women’s favorite, in marriage for 11 years to give the beloved a special ring, he will be moved by your this mind, and the diamond ring symbolizes a long love, never fade.

3. Cars, vehicles, etc.

The 11th anniversary is also known as the steel wedding, so it’s a good idea to give gifts related to steel products, such as cars and vehicles, to save your partner’s commuting time, to have more time to spend together, and to hold on to love.

4. A suitable skin care product.

The importance that protects skin to the woman is conceivable, and the schoolgirl always can talk about all sorts of cosmetic when be together, send the cosmetic that a kind of you think pretty good to her as wedding anniversary gift, can let good friend see you close with exquisite, bring her touch.

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