1. Choice of dress

If Korean wedding photos are simple and beautiful, then European and American wedding photos focus on solemn and luxury. The bride’s formal dress is luxurious and grand as the fundamental key, highlighting the sense of hierarchy and big tail, tailored and exquisite workmanship, simple style. Bride’s dress to suit to attend the European and American court banquet’s man’s formal attire primarily.

2. Background and props

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The background is thick and heavy, and the picture is dominated by European architecture. Prop respect chooses Europe type vase more, the furniture of the dry flower with full-bodied colour, restore ancient ways, classical piano, candlestick to wait.

3. Makeup styling

To highlight the three-dimensional sense of the character’s face, commonly used atmosphere, low-key, rich oil painting color reflects the makeup surface texture. Often cooperate the hairstyle of the bride and marriage gauze, the hand that chooses different colour and beautiful material holds a flower.

4. Shadows and tones

Shadow tone is given priority to with costly, grave low-key, tonal the canvas colour that with slight hair yellow is accurate.

5. Composition and lighting

Compared with Korean wedding photos, European and American style wedding photos are more rigorous and stable in composition, with stronger light and shadow texture and more delicate light technique.

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