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皖西隱秘之地的上房村古樹比良鄉更美,夏天更好 當我第一次進入安徽省嶽西西南邊境的貧困村時,作為扶貧隊的一員,我發現綠色的山丘被一片肥沃的綠色田野所包圍,周圍環繞著白色的小牆和紅瓦。鎮,這樣的地方是一個貧窮的村莊?我猶豫不決。走進一條長長的彎曲的街道,由商業和住宅的農舍排成一列,我看不到任何貧窮的跡象。建在街道郊區的小村莊周圍環繞著竹子和木材,是紅色和綠色的現代別墅。 古樹多稱奇 在這裏,我驚訝地發現,沒有想象中的貧窮,但更驚訝的是,在一座正在建造的建築物附近,我看到了一棵巨大的銀杏樹。我從來沒有想過一棵樹會有如此強大的動力,以至於它已經生長了數百年,必須被六個人包圍。看著樹幹,像是從空中垂下的石壁,使得樹下的村莊和行人顯得很小。從這條...
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Alibaba, Ford to cooperate in search for new retail opportunities

BEIJING/SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (BABA.N) has signed a deal with Ford Motor Co (F.N) to explore cooperation in areas such as cloud computing, connectivity and retail which could involve the sale of Ford cars on Alibaba’s online retail platform Tmall wine course. FILE PHOTO: The Ford Motor Company logo is pictured at the Los Angeles Auto Show in Los Angeles, California, U.S., November 30, 2017. REUTERS/Mike Blake/File Photo Alibaba in a statement on Thursday said digital marketing-focused Alimama and operating system firm AliOS would be among subsidiaries working with Ford under the three-year agreement. O...
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