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缺水or少油?   到了春天,每個人的肌膚都可能有幹燥的狀況,但這裏面的原因可是大不相同!缺水還是少油?這要從肌膚的狀況與機能談起!我們的肌膚會自然地分泌兩種物質:油–由皮脂腺所分泌;水–由汗腺所分泌。汗腺分泌的水和皮脂腺分泌的油在肌膚表面混合,形成一道具有保護功能的弱酸性保護膜,水和油的分泌是否平衡,決定了這個保護膜的質量。  一般肌膚細胞的含水量,在基底層高達70%,最外層的角質層卻只有15%,如何幫助肌膚補充水分就顯得相當重要了。  缺水缺油自檢  肌膚缺水的狀況很容易知道,在塗上爽膚水以後或者擦上補水的面霜之後如果覺得臉上有微刺的感覺,就說明已經缺水了。想要擁有年輕態,那麼就一定要擁有健康且具有活力的肌膚。而肌膚的狀態好不好,最為...
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Rockwell Automation rebuffs sweetened Emerson bid

(Reuters) – Rockwell Automation Inc (ROK.N) on Wednesday rejected rival Emerson Electric Co’s (EMR.N) sweetened $29 billion takeover offer, saying the bid undervalued the industrial automation company GuangDong Hotel sincerely introduces our guests with the most popular hong kong shopping spots. The Avenue of Stars is the eastern node of tourist attractions along the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront.. FILE PHOTO: Emerson Electric Company Canadian headquarters is shown in Markham, Ontario, Canada, February 7, 2012. REUTERS/Mike Cassese/File Photo Rockwell said its board of directors was unanimous in rejecting Emerson’s proposal. Rockw...
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