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Staycation Season!

Staycation 是我最喜歡的夏日節目,就當是一個小旅行,最方便就是不用花時間在交通。Grand Hyatt 君悅酒店特別為本地、及澳門居民設計的 staycation package 「Celebrating Romance」 只需入住酒店就已經安排了二十四小時的節目: Pool times, Spa afternoon and Romantic dinner at Grissini, 一個spontaneous的休閑周末是我們的 quality time at its best 🙂 *一晚行政客房(50平方米)住宿,環抱180度維多利亞港及香港迷人都市景色 *每房每晚最多兩位使用嘉賓軒(包括豐盛早餐、精美小食和飲品酒水,全天無限暢飲香檳,黃昏佐酒小食及雞尾酒) *每次入住期間享用價值港幣2,500元的 Plateau Spa 或餐飲消費額 *Customised message 蛋糕一個 (be creative!!) *朱古力及草莓 *香檳一枝 *自由...
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I love Bali but I had an overdose of Semiyak this year, but I just couldn’t get enough of Indonesia sun! 25 mins flight from Denpasar, we arrived Lombok. Theres something about Lombok that is immensely charming , maybe its the ever-so-sunny weather, or more so that humble wholesome vibes that Bali has been missing. Tugu hotel is 100% Indonesian-retro-luxe (in fashion lingual), there’s so much culture to explore in this place, it almost feels like a living museum. Owner of the national hotel chain is a former lawyer, the Tugu Group also runs 7 restaurants in Jarkata. Art and details Our beach front pool villa is literally 50 ste...
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鏡頭外可愛的彭于晏 Behind the scenes of the baby faced Eddie Peng. 幾日前,我很高興與亞洲型男演員彭于晏在巴黎男裝時裝週拍攝! 當日天氣更是出奇地好,美食更令人著迷!(我吃過很多eclairs,在巴黎的eclairs味道是較好!) 加上主角彭于晏,我和拍攝團隊都樂在其中!以下是巴黎拍的美照,當然少不了可愛的彭于晏 🙂 I have the pleasure to shoot one of the cutest Asian actors Eddie Peng in Paris during men's fashion week a few days ago. Weather was unexpectedly friendly, food were amazing( i had too many eclairs they taste better in paris!) plus cutest subject Eddie Peng, me and the crews had lots of fun! Here are some of the beautiful thin...
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