I love mornings, i would get up earlier than i should just to have my mornings!

Big breakfast, two coffees, and a decent 30 mins to get ready is just the perfect way to start my day.

Not everyday can be like this tho, in reality I am running a 20 mins bed to cab schedule, the cereal the coffee, the shower, makeup and get dressed…

Truth be told, my hair is sad 🙁  After zillionth time of straightening and bleaching, they are literally lifeless. so i want to add some volume and shine to the hair. I see hair stylist work their magic almost every other day on set, its the skills but actually its more the tools!

Most styler (curler, tons, hot iron stick etc) are bad for our hair, not hot enough/ too hot, unstable temperature, uneven temperature… it will never get you that bouncy shinny hair on the box!

In almost every hair stylist’s tool box theres GHD, aka Good Hair Day.

The newest super styler, ghd platinum is steadily heated thoroughly using patented Tri-Zone technology (that is GHD exclusive), total of 6 sensors works like little brains to maintain the best temperature for your hair (which is 185 degrees), it protects your hair from breaking AND ADD SHINES too. for coloured and bleached hair like mine. With all these great things about ghd platinum, the result is you can do your hair in ONE simple stroke, instead of repeating that wrist breaking turning action with a crappy curler that breaks your hair. did i mention it heats up in 20 seconds and looks really good tioo?

Shinny lively hair with “movements” can now actually happen within my 20 mins get ready time in the morning now, best part of it, its reliable and fast ~

5 mins to Good Hair Day

fitting in my 20 minutes bed-to-door morning schedule, this ghd platinum styler heats up in 20 seconds and with exclusive tri-zone technology to keep the temperature steady and optimum.

5 mins to Good Hair Day

the good looking ghd platinum 🙂

5 mins to Good Hair Day

With Robert Resnick, Education Manager at ghd, he’s the one who show me how easy it can be done.

5 mins to Good Hair Day


5 mins to Good Hair Day

after (in literally 5 mins) TADA!