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VIDEO Q+A: “Space & Time” Director Shawn Gerrard + Actress Risa Stone

A decade ago, do you remember the first time you met Zach Braff, big time? The movie was Garden State. A film about nothingness that is relatable and real, you enjoyed the times Braff’s character had going back home to New Jersey and meeting a lovable, goofy Natalie Portman in disguise. Space & Time is a lot like Garden State in its feel and characters. People break up over the dumbest things. They become friends for no real reason. Life is like that. Meet the film’s director Shawn Gerrard and its actress Risa Stone, then check out the Austin Film Festival filmmaker’s audience discussion!
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VIDEO Q+A: “Beauty Mark” Director Harris Doran + Actress Auden Thornton

Beauty Mark exists at the right time in cultural history. 2017 is the year women and men strike back against sexual predators in Hollywood and at the workplace. The Hollywood Reporter says “the movie argues that enduring the unthinkable doesn’t have to rob you of your soul.” Winner of the Austin Film Festival’s Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature, Ashley Judd and other names are supporters of the movie, an exciting promise for Harris Doran’s future filmmaking endeavors.
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VIDEO Q+A: “Wild Honey” Director Francis Stokes

A movie about phone sex you can watch with your parents? Yes, please. Because it’s a rom-com. One that respects women and its female audience-goers! 2017 Austin Film Festival staff pick Wild Honey received rave reviews at the event, with claims how the film “works as a nice reminder of why we need more romantic comedies around.” Director Francis Stokes kindly did an interview with his popcorn in hand, having someone hold his place in line for the next festival showing. Now that’s how you promote your movie!
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VIDEO Q+A: “The Great Unwashed” Film Director Louis Fonseca + Producer Izzy Fonseca

It’s been too long for British humor in America since Hot Fuzz. Yes! Really! America needed a UK cinematic refill on British humor, or humour. For their Sydney Indie Film Festival Best Comedy winning first feature The Great Unwashed, the Fonseca siblings were inspired by a real geese attack incident, using their real family farm, and much more. The film’s crazy-fun Austin Film Festival screening held plenty of audience laughter throughout the event, and, yes, attack geese in the film.
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Q+A: Kat Curtis on the Legit Business of Anchoring Naked News

A frequent nightmare frightening the population is public speaking while stark naked in public. What if it were your full time job? Kat Curtis reads the news daily as Naked News’ on air team, a workplace with legitimate women’s rights in a sea of headlines normalizing alleged sexual harassment lawsuits against mainstream television media figures. Long question! As American news channels sexualize women through clothing and other choices including many who did not sign up for that in their job descriptions, how do you explain a channel where women give full consent to appear nude to people who hate on similar entertainment like ...
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