Teach you how to wear corsage at your wedding reception

Corsage is also a common symbol in wedding banquets. Indeed, wearing corsage is a western etiquette. Really follow modern wedding banquet is more and more western lifestyle, wear a corsage, is also a need to oh corsage, also is a kind of sign, wedding banquet, insight is wedding wear a corsage is a kind of western etiquette, because Chinese weddings traditionally haven’t had this kind of practice, natural for the first time contact to the bride and groom, also hold calls! With the modern wedding banquet more and more westernized, wearing chest flower is also very necessary oh! Especially wedding ceremonies, the main place of formal oh! Like the wedding company wedding celebration host, special guests, all need to wear chest flowers oh! But the flower is not easy to take oh! It doesn’t matter with small make up all the way to see the wedding company teach you how to wear chest flower! At a formal wedding reception, the groom, best man, hostess, wedding host and the bride’s father all wear corsage. Often the choice is the bride holds the flower in the landlord flower oh! Is in when choosing the bride bouquet of flowers, also need to be included in the thought premise. Traditionally, send bouquet to the bride, groom and the bride from plucked a bouquet of flowers, in the land of the groom chest. As for the other guests to a corsage, recommendations based on principles of simplicity, small wedding company. But remember, brooches and pocket squares are decorations, just a whitewash to role, it is ok to hit, avoid by all means is not belonging to another! Generally speaking, chest flower wants a flower only, do to add a few more to match ground to be full of star kind ground floret is enough, do not let chest flower become a bunch of flower! And pectoral flower peduncle also not too long. And a corsage to wear position, originally is not left in the land of a suit jacket, some elegant suits in who place a buttonhole, design is to put a corsage. Now nothing more than a much more loose, corsage, don’t in the right collar is not off. If no ready to buttonhole can be put, corsage on suit collar, pedicel straight down, aimed at shoes position don’t good oh

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