Gorgeous metal

Although metallic color is expensive gas is threatening, but to wear the requirement of each respect such as color of skin of the person that wear, figure is higher, wear bad, hard to avoid flow into vulgarity, so in marriage gauze design, such color and type are used less, but once designed, can show individual distinctive style immediately. This rich Oriental dress is made of copper silk with gold at the neckline, cuffs and trouser legs. Besides, the design of the dress is very loose and soft silk. Unlike other wedding dresses, it doesn’t have too much demands on body. Clever stylist passes to traditional breakthrough, always can seek to be opposite another kind of temperament expression, who can say she is not enough elegant xiamen marriage gauze photography shop

Black and white · two living flowers somebody says marriage gauze is the world of white, white warmth, romance, nobility, elegance, other color seems to have no the space that lives at all. Stylist is bold here use the black of cool color, cannot say is not a kind of bold breakthrough. Black is also a symbol of nobility and elegance. In the era of pursuing individuality, the design of wedding dress also needs revolution, needs individuality and needs to participate in the pace of The Times. With a low-cut design and a high-waisted corset, it is connected with a black flower and has a soul fit. Although the use of black is a rebellion against the tradition, the wedding dress has a special personalized expression: fashionable, sexy and cold. Use black as dazzling accessory, foil the sanctity like bride angel

In addition to the vintage Greek look of the dress of 2018, one of the most obvious pieces is the tight chest design and the flared skirt. Although peng skirt is heavy, can express the distinctive charm of female grace especially. The dress is the most traditional and classic. This kind of marriage gauze has the crinoline that finalizes the design commonly, its characteristic is the cut fit of upper body, lumbar line can be just on the waist or a bit lower position, the waist that tightens is ok the proportion that shows a figure very well. Full skirt hem not only has the balance effect on the upper body, makes the whole person looks composed, elegant and graceful also is shown naturally in the swing of the peng skirt. In multifarious manual sew adds the illusion skirt of cascade, also can make the costly family home and luxuriant breath a show have no more than

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