Most couples like popular day to get married during the holiday season, but often these days were snapped up days, so the couple can choose to get married in the off-season, can not only save money, but also save a lot of trouble.


1. Low price

Wedding venue prices will be significantly lower than the peak season, which is undoubtedly the biggest venue advantage of off-season weddings. For the conference hall, this is a favorable sales strategy. For new employees, it is not only a preferential policy, but also a new low-carbon and environment-friendly fashion initiative starting from the scientific consumption concept. The excitement that pursues auspicious day is happy of course double double happiness, choose off-season wedding, low consumption also can do the fashionable wedding with vivid color at the same time.

2. More choices

Choose get married in the peak season, especially in May or October day, it is to early to book the hotel, good days commonly, some good hotels a year in advance will be scheduled to go out, the hotel is no discount, the condition is special. Therefore, the choice of wedding hotels in peak season is relatively narrow. In view of this, it is the low season marriage advantage. The choice of a wedding in the off-season is obvious. Hotels often have only one wedding, making it less noisy. Wedding related supporting services such as customized wedding dresses, wedding rings and other institutions are relatively few people, the production cycle is greatly shortened.

3. Convenient transportation

Weddings are crowded in the busy season. In the originally congested traffic environment of Beijing, a dozen wedding cars can often be seen stuck in the road on the busy season weekends. You don’t want your wedding to be like this, so enjoy the off-season traffic to the venue. At the same time, the wedding is in the off-season, so that more relatives and friends do not have to go out to play and participate in the wedding between difficulties, enjoy the pleasant way of transportation, with a relaxed and happy mood, to the wedding venue smoothly.


1. Choose simple decorated venues

If you select a need a lot of flowers, candles and a veil decorations to the effect of local wedding, is likely to lead to budget overruns, so suggest you choose a natural scenery very romantic place wedding, such as: the sea of garden in spring, summer and autumn of the woods, so you can get twice the result with half the effort.

2. Go to the wholesale market for wholesale supplies

Whether it’s alcohol or decorations, there’s a lot of demand at weddings. You might as well go to a large formal wholesale market to buy, will be much cheaper than the department store, and to a certain amount can also be discounted.

Save on food and drink

If you choose five-star hotel wedding, you can not get big discounts on food and drinks, suggest you choose some of the new theme restaurants, where you can gain not only a very elegant dining environment, but also can save a sum of expenditure on food.

4. Save on flowers

Bouquets and centerpieces, suggest choosing one of your favorite flowers. That way the florist doesn’t have to worry about arranging it, and you can save a lot of money on the floral design. And choose the best season of the flowers, because it not only will not affect beautiful, still more affordable and remember kept you ceremony flowers, dinner they can also be used as table decoration radiant again.

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