Today small make up here to talk about autumn and winter wedding photo shooting matters: first of all, clothing selection needs to be convenient

Autumn and winter take wedding gauze photograph although some cool, but on the choice of dress also cannot be too strict. Generally speaking, the dress of the upper body of the bride should not choose the autumn clothes with high neck as far as possible, because the makeup face of the face is easy to be spent between wearing and taking off, can choose the long-sleeve clothes with v-neck. And the lower body should match the wedding dress to wear, choose the stockings with the same skin color or underwear for good.

Colds should be prevented

Compare character, autumn winter is the season that catch a cold more hair, so autumn winter photograph of marriage gauze must avoid the occurrence of catch a cold, otherwise can very have no mood to shoot! And the physical condition is not good, it is difficult to reach a coordination with the photography topic, in a certain degree will affect the quality of wedding photos, so it is best to prevent a few days before shooting.

Boot options

Cool autumn and winter wedding photos, shoes are a big look! In addition to the original wedding shoes, you can choose suitable boots according to the clothes you choose, in addition to beautiful appearance, more leg protection!

Preparation for hot metal

In addition, autumn and winter shoot wedding gauze photograph had better take thermos cup or hot treasure, can contact with hot east at any time, also be a good way to warm!

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