Wedding dress model recommendation for new couples

Whether it’s a dress or a suit, there’s a role model in it. The wedding dress model is a classic pattern for every type of wedding dress.

The palace sends gorgeous lace

The luxurious delicacy that will palace feeling gives full play to acme, the lace fabric with feminine flavour dye-in-the-wood is used more as main material, water drill, bead nail, deserve to match again with the jewelry of small and shining, make integral style consistent. The dress is the sexiest. Dress does not necessarily choose to expose the design, hollow-out bud silk can let you develop own figure advantage.

Fit for the crowd: a flabby, temperamental bride will do well as a toasting dress or a customer service.


Create the grand atmosphere of short dresses with luxurious fabrics. The tonal that has metallic simple sense is the absolute element of fashionable wedding dress this season, the fabrics that contains silvery burnish feeling adds grand feeling to show lively short style formal attire slightly. A short, flirty dress is ideal for a variety of accessories, especially a crown, followed by a hand. For example, in the monotonous long tube gloves inlay flowers, or lace, or beads, can be charming and moving. (single product: health road body suit)

Fit for the crowd: it’s more appropriate to give the petite and lovely bride a toast.

Red makeup girl

Chinese people traditionally get married in red for a happy and auspicious occasion. You are in banquet, might as well wear red, match atmosphere already, flowery dazzing, more accord with the psychology of the elder. To highlight his bride, will put on is the red dress, but the difference in style is too grand wedding dress, the skirt of small formal attire that might as well choose condole belt waist, with gold or red high-heeled shoes, concise and shiny jewelry ornament, very beautiful.

Suitable for the crowd: traditional brides are the most suitable toasts.

Soft beauty is a holy expression

The long tufted dress shows the bride’s elegant and holy sense, and the bride wearing this style of dress will have special temperament. A black or red ribbon around the waist adds a touch of mystery. If you’re feeling too vegetarian, go for dramatic accessories, such as shiny heels or handbags, and feather accessories.

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