How to match wedding shoes and wedding dresses?

Orthodox wedding shoes with wedding shoes. If the bride is wearing an orthodox wedding dress, the style of the shoes matching this type of wedding dress is relatively simple. Changsha Luomen wedding photography believes that the color is white, silver is better, the closer the wedding dress is white or beige, the more it fits with the wedding dress, it will not appear in the dark style shoes that appear dissonant when walking. .
Flower dress with wedding shoes. The bride’s styling pays attention to the overall feeling. If flowers appear on the dress and appear in the wedding shoes, they will have the effect of echoing each other. The shoes with the pattern of flowers can be the same flower series or monochrome shoes with color on the dress.
Cheongsam with wedding shoes. Select wedding shoes combined wedding style, if the bride is wearing a cheongsam, then the shoes with the need to pay attention to color, if it is or the style of trailing, in the choice of shoes try to avoid positive red can choose slightly more than red The light red line gives a visual hierarchy.
The prospective brides watched the explanations brought by the Changsha Luomen wedding photography. We know that the choice of wedding shoes is very important. When we choose wedding shoes, we must follow the bride’s taste, and we must judge according to the bride’s figure and appearance characteristics. What kind of wedding shoes for your own, this wedding photography is unique.

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