Wedding and flower collocation can show the happy picture skillfully, the beautiful bride in the wedding dress is dressed in the wipe wedding dress, the hairstyle is the short curly hair with fluffy hair, and the sexy of the bride is revealed, but the little sexy is no mischievous and lovely, the whole picture is very warm because of the ingenious decoration of the flowers. The feeling of the heart. It seems to have more visual impact. The collocation of warm colors is more beautiful, plus the handsome groom and charming bride.

The beautiful bride’s arm is on the shoulder of the bridegroom, a natural wedding pose, in which the sexy bride is dressed in a lace wedding dress, and is dreamy. The bride and groom are placed on both sides of the warm hues, adding a beautiful feeling to the photo, as a whole, they look like a world of flowers. Enjoy the romantic love and sweetness that belong to them in the flowers.

Wedding photos into the warm color of the flower elements, combined with the ingenious design of the light and weak, and the different personality of the character POSE, wedding photo makes people look special sweet warmth, flower props as the wedding photos into the breath of life, looks very energetic.

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