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We all know that in the poker card, the start of the reshuffle is a key step, the player wants to win the final, at least to ensure that a good card to sweep the various countries, and shuffle way will help players decide their own hands The size of the playing cards. Three public games and other poker games, if the players learn a good way to shuffle, basically on the success of the half. The following to explain the three poker techniques in the practice of relatively simple and practical shuffling method of false shuffle method.

Poker Three Manipulation techniques are used after the end of the last round. Use the effect: the player will be on the table of the card received, the left hand to take the card, the use of pumping cut shuffle method, the right hand will be part of the card from the left hand out on the left hand on the card above, that is, change the order of playing cards. In the eyes of the opponent’s player you are shuffling, the actual hands of the card without any change, the order of the order to disrupt.

Skills techniques to teach three public fake shuffle of the specific steps:

1, the player after the card, the stack of poker will be placed on the left hand.

2, the left index finger in the hands of the middle of the poker card from the inside out slowly. (You can also hold the stack of cards on the left hand, and the right hand takes a small stack of cards directly from the middle of the playing cards.)


3, the player with the right hand thumb and the other four fingers were placed on both sides of the playing cards, the index finger to launch that part of the card to seize, the card out.


4, the right hand gently grabbed out part of the poker, and then moved to the left, the use of thumb and four fingers see the strength of the use of Qiaojin hold the card.

5, the next step, the player will be left in the hands of all cards, switch to the right hand, rotate a circle. And then repeated several times, then the right hand to take the poker card on the table, the whole shuffle action to complete.