Tarot storage is usually two: the material can be wrapped with natural materials,
如何快速新增google搜尋排名pay attention to a little wooden box. Natural cloth with wood can absorb moisture, to prevent the expensive brand of damp.

Natural fabrics include cotton or silk. As for the color of the cloth to avoid too strong traditional black and red. The more common colors are purple (mystical colors), but these are not prescribed, although you can pick your favorite color.

Muhe expensive, inconvenient to carry, suitable for long-term storage. Europe and the United States to sell some Tarot save the site can be found, but Taiwan and Hong Kong region is hard to find.

Card is made of paper, so the best place to save the cool and ventilated, not the sun exposure.

If you do not have a license for a long time, you can re-card into the carton in accordance with the order, the card with a good bag or into the wooden box collection. It is said that the card re-arranged in accordance with the order of “purification” function, can be considered a common ritual, mining is not used in the individual.