Five hundred is an exciting and full of twists and turns of card games. Here we introduce its play:
Number of players: 2 to 6, the most suitable for 3 people to play.
Goal: Obtain 500 points by bidding and winning several cards.
Game Cards: Three players, using 33 cards, including A (big) to 7 colors of the cards and a trump card, trump card is the largest, even in the case of no card is the largest card .
The second most significant card is the J (right ace), and the third is the J (left ace) of the other suit with the same color. The size of the cards ranges from A (big) to 7. Calling level from no card, heart, box, plum last to spades arrangement.
Licensing: Each player draws a card, with the smallest card to determine the first dealer, A (small) and J is the smallest card. When a number of players are drawn to the same minimum points, the re-draw.
The dealer shuffles and then starts with the player to the left of the dealer, clocking three cards to each player at once, with the card facing down. The three cards are then decentralized, making them a widow. The dealer then sends four cards to each player, and finally sends three cards to each player.
If the tile is a hand, then the maximum hand is box J and the minimum hand is box 7.
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If the box is a card, then the maximum card is J, the minimum card is 7.
In the case of no card, J than the trump card, A, K and Q small,
Than the corresponding color in the 10,9,8 and 7 large.
Bid: The player on the left of the dealer starts to bid, and turns clockwise to bid until each player has a bid. Each player can abstain or bid. If a player makes a bid, his / her bid must be higher than the last bid. Each bid must indicate whether the suit will be the suit or not and the number of blocks to be won (six to ten). If all the players are abstained, it is necessary to throw away the hands of the card, issued by the next card issued by a new board.
Play: The player who claims the highest bid wins the contract, and the other two players join to form the opponent. At this point, before the start of the card, the contractor took up the widow and abandoned three cards, discarded three cards can also include the cards in the widow.
The first person in the first pier in the first card, after the winners of this circle will be the first lap in the first card. You can first out any card, the other two players must be as much as possible out of the same suit color. If not, you can play any cards. If not, the biggest card in the suit wins. If you play more than one card, the biggest card will win.
When a card is in place, the ace is the maximum card, the first card must match the card, and if you have at least one first-out card, you can not play the trump card. If there is no card, then the ace before the card does not belong to any suit. If you do not have a trump card in the case of the first trump card, you must specify which suit is the ace. In the absence of a card, ace is the highest card.
Scoring: If you become a co-ordinator and win the number of your own bets, you will get the score specified in the scorecard (see table below). If you win more bricks than the number of bricks, you will not get extra points. For example, if your bid is 8 squares and you win 9 piers, you will get 280 points instead of 380 points. The only exception to this rule is that you win all 10 tricks and your bid is less than 250 points. In this case, you will get 250 points.

If you fail to complete the agreement, you must deduct the same score from your cumulative score. Scores may be negative. At the same time, each opponent to win a pier for 10 points. It is not important whether or not the engagement is complete, and one opponent can not count the number of laps another opponent wins.

If a player reaches or exceeds 500 points after a game, the player wins the game. If the covenant has reached or exceeds 500 points after a match with an opponent or two opponents, the winner will be the winner regardless of who has the highest score. If only two opponents in a game meet or exceed 500 points, only one opponent who wins the first tally wins in the game.
If a player reaches or exceeds -500 points, the player must continue playing until an opponent wins the game. If the player later reaches or exceeds 500 points, no one wins in the game.