1. They each send 13 cards .. The remaining 26 cards placed in the middle
2. Get the cards by suit points
Largest to smallest order spades spade> Heart heart> box diamond> Plum club
Point size is set by the A> K> Q> J> 10> ..> 2.

3. Then they began to determine trump bid
And see which suit most high points, which is called a suit. If that does not particularly strong, and to be called no king (no-trump, NT). Can also be passed hand (Pass) is not called, on behalf of the other party to accept the bid. If you can accept the call of different colors.
A bid by the alarm call, if you have called the suit a relatively small plus points. For example you can call 1CLUB strong plum is a plum, others can then told 1Diamon, 1Heard, but once called 1Spade, then told to other people, it must be added 2.
No maximum Wang, once someone called no king, then called a person must be added.
Base six, called line represents eat seven Ishidan considered to achieve their goals. Best not to call too much, because you called 7, when you have to eat all (7 + 6 = 13).
When added together when not, they had to accept each other’s trump card.

3. After the first bid the rest of the stack top row goes opened

4. The first man cried out cards to trump manner without first thirteen rounds, meaning that even with the fancy cards, can also be the other fancy, do not need another person with the same color, the two start grab than the size of cards, then there is no trump card points, pure color and size ratio.
If no pad or may trump card eat.
Big man took a card that has been opened, and the small man turned from the exhaust stack card
Then again pulls out the next card just by the relatively large .. man .. the first play is the same size ratio
Great people get a license .. little person draw …….. repeated until ..26 cards take full light

5. Grab finished cards, begin to bridge according to the general rules