Some magic in shell network before math Magic series has been mentioned, as well as in the film has revealed the truth. However, to everyone’s appetite for hanging a hanging, there are several series of short magic principle not open, followed by the members interpret what the mystery behind these magic.

Bored, what would you do? I usually find that I could talk poker chat.


Your ace talk? This episode, magician Jason trump card will tell what cards he took the audience. Video Source:

Magic Secret

The magic effects seem surprising, but the principle behind it is very simple. First, in the back of an upward ordinary playing cards, two king is face up into the middle. Suppose king position from the first x number of sheets down, Wang’s position from the first y number of sheets down, and magic performers must take x and y are two numbers to remember. Wherein, x to ensure that the entire front third of the cards in (that is, approximately the first 18) or less, y is between the whole of the cards to 1/3 to 2/3 (ie the middle 19-36) . For example x may be 10, y can be 28.

Then the requirements of the first performers take the audience cards from the deck was about 1/3 and 1/3 of this card goes under the show to the audience, the performers but they can not see, ask for a second viewers take away from the rest of the cards in half (also roughly equivalent to the entire decks of cards 1/3), similarly to the bottom of the card to show to the audience. Suppose first audience is the bottom card in the original stack of cards from the top down the m-th sheet (that is to say the first person took the m cards), while the second took place n the audience Zhang brand. As shown below:


Subsequently, the two performers who take the card back to go, here are the key points: Fold back the first time a viewer must first hand, after the audience back into the second card. In the back of the stack of cards, the king of the two positions were changed and the y-m n + x, while the audience two cards at its n Zhang and (m + n) sheets. Performers expand the stack of cards, you can see the two king and count ym and n + x is the number, and already know in advance how much of the x and y, it may be presumed that each took two audience how many licensing (ie, m and n is the number).


After the king out of two, has done a performer for a show and unnecessary step entirely in order to confuse the audience – to the limit these two king, put the cards into three parts, the bottom part of the plug to the middle.


After doing so, the position of the two cards to guess also changes, but the x, y, m, n already know, just a little math to know that their final position is ultimately 17 and 43 (the video ), here it is not explained in detail.

Poker can not speak of course, everything is mathematical principles at work, simple addition and subtraction can make your poker have “super powers.” If you think this is a very simple, just a primary level, the advance notice of the next higher-end: “Math Magic: they want doing? You say! . ”

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