“Memory deck of cards” is one of the two memory gymnastics we are advocating, one induction training method is also fast memory. Upgrading skills and play pokerThis tutorial provides a complete training methods, systems, and just follow the ways of doing this training, training two hours a day, just one month of training, most people have access to such training effect: Remember that one in three minutes playing cards. Won the “Memory of the World Masters,” the title three assessment criteria, one of the standard is to be able to remember a deck of 24 pointscards in three minutes. Therefore we can say, according to this method of training, most people have access to world-class memory within a month! Part serious,7 ghost 523 hard worker even need only half the time, the training will be able to achieve this effect, it can be done within a month to remember a deck of cards in 100 seconds. In-depth training on this basis, it is fully qualified to participate in the end of 2006 in Shanghai held its second Chinese Memory Championships, and 07, 2008 in China for two consecutive years at the World Memory Championships, and easily become a world-class memory Grandmaster!Klondike “Memory deck of cards” training is to help you become the “Memory of the World Masters’ entry training! Of course, poker training primary purpose is not to become a master of memory, not to show, but to train your memory. Fast memory capacity and capability mainly by the association composed of coding ability, training poker is one of the best ways to exercise both capabilities. Through a deck of cards in the shortest time and memory training, and we deeply appreciate the whole process fast memory of what, in the end is what affects our memory speed. Memory cards by training,Dragon is shot in a poker play. our association ability has been greatly improved, we are coding method, given the use of pile method had very in-depth experience, then, we truly mastered the key fast memory, try again later remember anything, there will be a completely different experience. More importantly, through the poker training, our imagination to get a great workout, the speed of our imagination is mobilized to a great extent, for us to further develop this right brain potential, all to improve our ability to learn, creativity, and even artistic sensibility, etc., have a very important significance. This is leading to a whole new door to the world, into the door, your life will be different from this! A deck of cards and memory training: (60 hours to reach the “Memory of the World Masters” standard) – three hours a day training, training a total of 20 days, the final effect is: in less than 3 minutes to remember a deck of cards, memorized. The 20-day training is divided into four stages, each training 5 days. 52 cards (remove large, Amy) corresponding password: 1. four suits of J, Q, K is a total of 12 “character card”, each person according to their own preferences to find the corresponding figures instead. Recommendation spades, male figure with flowers, hearts, square piece with female characters. 2. The remaining 40 “Digital” brand, with digital coding instead. The rule is: Spades represents ten-digit (lower half of spades points like “1”), on behalf of tens of Hearts 2 (upper half of the hearts of the two semicircular arc), on behalf of flowers tens digit 3 (three semi-circular flower composition), on behalf of tens of square piece 4 (square sheet with four corners). For example, represents 11 of spades, spades represents 12; 21 represents hearts, hearts represents 22 flower represents 33, 4 represents a square piece of 44, and so on. For the figure of 10 cards, it can be used as 0, that is, 10 representatives of 10 of spades, hearts 10 20 representatives, 10 representatives of 30 flower, 10 representatives of 40 square pieces. 3. Digital cards need to use digital encoding include 10-49 total 40 coding. Digital coding: 1– tree; 2– duck; 3– ears; 4– red flag; 5– hook; 6– spoon; 7– crutches; 8– gourd; 9– racket; 10- – baseball; 11– chopsticks; 12– baby; 13– doctors; 14– key; 15– parrot; 16– willow; 17– Yuxi; 18– fence; 19– loach; 20- – earrings; 21– crocodile; 22– duck; 23– monk; 24– box; 25– erhu; 26– river; 27– headset; 28– lotus; 29– gelatin; 30- – forest; 31– shark; 32– crane; 33– elixir; 34– gentleman; 35– coral; 36– Yamaga; 37– pheasant; 38– sofa; 39– bananas; 40 – commander; 41– Sydney; 42– Fungus; 43– snow-capped mountains; 44– lions; 45– jellyfish; 46– pomegranate; 47– driver; 48– snow; 49– snowball ; 50– rings; memory: first familiar with the corresponding image of each card represents, and then locate the 26 locations, a memory, put two cards in each location, these two images represented with cards locations close links, 26 places down just 52 cards. Memories of the time, these 26 locations in the brain over again, you can quickly recall the corresponding 52 cards. An indispensable tool for: 1, remove the large, Wang poker a total of 52. 2, the second hand of a clock or watch. 3, a training schedule, record daily training results and experience. 4, need to find the corresponding picture for each code, we provide images for reference only. The first step: Familiar digitally encoded cards and 52 five days 1. Completely familiar 50 digital codes within 30 seconds that it can in order to recite it. 3 days 2 completely familiar with 52 cards, each card to identify the point of image memory. 2 days training key: 1. First, be familiar with 50 digital encoding, although we only need to use one of the 40, but it is best to put 50 codes are familiar with. Training, from 1-50, according to the order of the 50-digit coding recite it. Back when the best to sound like an endorsement like; inconvenient time you can meditate in the heart. Recite effect requirement is clearly, fluently recite required to do within 30 seconds can be very smoothly from start to finish all the 50 passwords recite (the speed limit is about 20 seconds). Anywhere you can recite the beginning, then you need to check against the clock or watch their recitation speed. 2. If the numeric password If reminiscent of the corresponding images from the digital is not easy to do this association exercise: First, thoroughly familiar with this 1-9 9 digitally encoded, and then open the corresponding figures for the association. Such as 31 (shark), removable 3 (ears) and 1 (tree), Lenovo may have an ear, a shark eat the ear to climb the tree on top of the tree. Thus, when the coding can not remember when 31 representatives, we can through the “trees have ears” on the image and the “Shark” Lenovo out. Other are not familiar with coding can be carried out in this way join. 3. Look through the upper left corner of each card icon, the familiar each digital cards corresponding to the number, and then through the digital conversion, digital licensing familiar with each corresponding password. 4. Select the 12 individual objects when you want to select those very familiar with their characters, and find each of them unique characteristics, and try to fix them according to a characteristic expression in the imaginary action. Try to make everyone’s characteristics are distinct, different. 5. Carefully observe 52 cards, compare their similarities and differences, to find an image memory card 52 points, regardless of number cards or cards people have to find a unique memory feature from the overall image of the sign face and then to use this feature with the corresponding coding links, this card will be able to achieve a look in mind the purpose of conditioning the corresponding image. 6.12 Character cards is relatively easy to identify the unique characteristics and, therefore, easier to be joined with the corresponding coding. Character memory card, it shall identify the unique features from the deck surface with the corresponding figures were coupled, one can see this feature, immediately reflecting the corresponding figure in mind. 7.40 digital card is not easy to find a very bright and distinctive features, but in order to achieve the appropriate training effect, even if hard to have to find those memory points can not be converted to the corresponding icon in the upper left corner and then come to a digital code, because it will reduce the memory speed. 8. Digital memory cards to find the point of time, you can put the same number of four kinds of color cards together, compare their similarities and differences, identify the different memory points, then by comparison with adjacent digital cards, and the difference confirm the memory of each card points, so as to achieve a look at the sign surface characteristics to recognize the corresponding coding effect. As fast through these points with the corresponding coding memory coupled to the memory,office reloaction you can make digital cards card reading speed and character licensing. 9. be familiar with the whole of the cards, also requires 40 number cards can be a meditation in the mind of each card pattern, and meditating on them out of the memory point. Thus, it can silently 40 encoded simultaneously when the corresponding cards face emerges, and the corresponding memory point in mind. Step Two: Read the licensing training five days within 1.30 seconds to recite the 52 cards corresponding coding. One day within 2.100 seconds of reading complete decks of cards. 2 days complete within 2.60 seconds of reading the cards. 2 days training key: 1. After the first step of the training, 30 seconds can recite 50 encoding, the second step is necessary to read the 52 cards in 60 seconds. This step only requires the ability to quickly identify each card corresponding coding is not required to mind a clear image. 2. The first thing to do is to back out within 30 seconds of the 52 cards corresponding coding, 40 number cards in order to back out coding, 12 character cards in order to have the appropriate character name back out. 3. flop way for left hand card, each one thumb to push the card to read the right hand with his left hand. Time to read the card shows the entire card to be able to quickly see each card memory point, the beginning may need to see the whole card, or even need to look at the top left icon to identify, but only after proficiency requirements glance memory point can be identified. Although the whole display card speed than display only the upper left corner is slower, but the rate for the memory is fast enough. Without memory, turn a uniform licensing only about 20 seconds. 4. Read the licensing time, to try to read out sound, require fast and smooth. At the beginning of the 52 cards can be divided into groups of 2-4 card reading, find out who identify slower cards in hand reading process, to put them out of practice alone, until it is completely familiar with so far. Hand reading less skilled, they can not shuffle, the same order or numerical order repeatedly read cards. 5. In the first and second step these 10 days, the time when you can go to find location, it is best to find a group of more than 3 (n = 26) locations. The third step: 1. Imagine five days without training flop, within 60 seconds after the mind in order to clearly over 52 brand image. 2. flop one day training the mind to clearly emerge out of the image, and requires 100 seconds after turning 52 cards. 1 day 3. Find 3 Group locations distinct characteristics of each place, in my mind clearly imagine these features. 4. one day in my mind clearly imagine each location, so that 15 seconds had finished a set of locations. 1 day 5. Put any two cards with each sites linking imagine, imagine patterns to identify each location. 1 day training key: 1. Just imagine training whenever you can close your eyes do every day and then some time to practice concentration. 2. Place the first two steps of 10 days to find a good place optional home, family and neighborhood haunts (such as supermarkets, cinemas, restaurants, etc.). Memory deck of cards with a group of 26 locations can be, but in training if repeatedly using the same set of locations, it will easily lead to confusion, so it is best to find out the location of the above three groups. If enough time can be set only to find a place. 3. Select the location of time to try to avoid too many similar places, to avoid confusion when the memory. Each site must identify its distinctive features, and only distinctive features make it easier to be joined with the two cards. 4. Make imagine training, to relax the body, close your eyes and imagine the memory point of each card in the mind, in my mind as much as possible to “see” a clear pattern, including the corresponding color. Location will have to clearly imagine the unique characteristics of each location. The image imagination to try to clear, to try to join the action lively. For each site the best able to identify the most likely to remember the action, thinking how to put two cards, how to link with this place is the best way. 6. For the password is not clear image, as far as possible to find the appropriate picture, after careful observation to remember. For no clear place, it is best able to take a photo of repeated observations. 7. The main requirement is to imagine training: turning 52 cards in 100 seconds can clearly imagine each card corresponding to the image. If you can meet this requirement, you basically can remember a deck of cards in five minutes. 8. The memory speed depends on three factors: for each card can be quickly and clearly imagine a corresponding image; feature to place quickly and clearly imagine; two cards with a sharp quick coupling place when. Strengthen any one factor of these three factors, can make note card speed; on the contrary, is not up to any of these factors will not allow us to complete a memory card within three minutes. These three factors, the longest training time is the first factor, will occupy more than 80 percent of the time. 9. If possible, then, to find some introductory NLP books to read, understand each image can be divided into several categories in the imagination of submodalities, these images can be enlarged, reduced, as well as light and dark, random color adjustment . This training is helpful to imagine.