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First, the players Seven pigturn over two cards, according to the figures of these two cards, the player has to guess the next card number Excellencies pastimeis between two numbers, addition, or the same.
Now the goal is mostly shot in the New Year family can enjoy casino games. First, each player must first wager the minimum bet amount (from Conference), if five players to participate in the game, the maximum principal amount of this game is five multiplied by the minimum bet amount. Then by the dealer for the players (including myself) dealt two cards, then each player can decide the amount you want to bet on the principal amount from the table, and then pulls out a third card if the third card mediator between the first two cards, the Ninety-nineplayer can take his bet, if the two cards outside, you must pay double the bet.
Such as: out of two cards is 3 and 9, the player bets ten dollars out of time if 4,5,6,8 (7 special significance, to be described later), the players get ten dollars Rakhine the a, 2,10, J, Q, K, the players need to come up with more than ten yuan placed on the table. Wherein if out of 3 or 9, the player must pay double the bet, which iStruggle upstreams twenty. If out of 7, only to lose a single fold bet ten dollars
Of course, the game another situation: When out of the same two cards, the Fifty Kplayer can choose to be on the same points or below, for example, two out of six, the player can decide to 6 or more than 6 or less, and win or lose compensation methods and the same as before, but if the card is 6 to open up, that player shall lose six times, which is sixty yuan to the table.
And if there is A and another card, the player moving servicecan choose to be more than another card or less. For example, out of A and 10, the player can choose 10 or more or less.