First is the skill, passive: to kill a multi-unit 2 gold. Q: dispersion of magic damage. . W: Red deceleration, dizziness yellow card, blue card back to blue. E: 4th increase attack damage, reduced cooling, the moving speed. R: full screen to obtain a field of view and can be transmitted.

Summoner skills plus flash light. Plus a point, the main Q deputy W, point E, a big big point. Master Card and play single AP Recommended attire: Note cards passive, killing a soldier more than 2 gold, is still very effective, go out plus Q, fitted out Dolan Ring plus 2 red, because this talent and Rune did not erupt, so good on this wretched withdraw troops. More to harass opponents with Q, Q can be very good troops, then we should pay attention to the small map, when someone GANK to help you when you put yellow card ready to help his teammates GANK, basically a assists. When the murder book and then go home, because it can be transmitted to harvest residual blood, murder book also better stack up, the map is no vision, in fact, can also be used to obtain R horizons, to flexible application. Hat is then, and only out of the hat before the law can be a good strong stacked up, otherwise no output regiment when the war is basically a spectator and then seconds. God means invincible, R Blast 3-way, to consume more than the opponent with Q, Q can be collected directly out of a straight soldier, W deceleration and dizziness are also very frightening, the key is a relatively short time, when the use of R ready when the first yellow card, this can be a good kill opponents with Q when the distance is best not too close, because it is not easy to hit, far easier to escape to, in the time when many people are using the most appropriate

Card cut card Skills: Now explain the cut card tricks, order cut card is red, yellow, blue, each time interval of 0.8 seconds, while the first card is then cut out, but after all this order, must be qualified Cards in the first cycle of the cards you want to cut out, it can not estimate if it is ready to be sprayed.

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