The text itself is wonderful, diver especially our Chinese characters, both the sound and meaning form the United States, when the legendary Changjei creation of heaven and earth spirits are touched, such a good thing to learn how to become a card education enlightenment it? Learning to read is not wrong, wrong it is that too many people have been using the wrong methods With utilitarian mind to teach children to read, ruining the child’s learning appetite. But the text is just a scapegoat.

Any good things in the world, if we are the wrong way to get children to accept the result would cause the child to hate this stuff. For example, eating is human nature, but if every day With mental tasks, with the persecution of the way to make children eat, Appropriate literacy card for kids then the child anorexia is almost inevitable. Is this the meal or eat it in itself wrong? As a most literal connotation of the most effective communication medium, is learning education card should be presented to the children the most, in fact, than let the children recognize some simple things more important, Child shows interest to buy a deck of learning cards more enlightenment function.

Third grade would eliminate large differences in literacy problem

My daughter bought early literacy cards to teach her to read.About card game called Solitaire She was two years old can recognize about 300 words a. Freshmen parents, at home and his wife served as a language teacher’s role, after dinner every day, the wife will tell her story, a talk is fifteen or twenty times, and repeatedly, while her daughter while the diagram below Figure words to memorize. My children do not like to read, very fun, up to the first into the school will recognize dozens of words, the literacy gap is so large, it will not keep up, child literacy small amount of new parents, he was a great difference in literacy concerns.

In this regard, school second grade teacher, she said literacy is an ability to learn, literacy really read much of the child, writing is good, the premise is to have children interested in literacy, forcing children to read is not necessary. She advocated the kindergarten stage to keep the kids learn to write literate card, Star homeless solitaire card deck because early childhood education is not systematically educate their children how to write, and correct posture to hold a pen, the blind learn the word, but easily lead to bad habits.

Parents of children less literate, do not be too anxious to third grade about the difference is very small. Prior to this, parents can help children grasp consciously some good literacy methods. Some students to the high school continues to improve,Playing cards and walked away in office  but some will not so good.

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