Guide: The messy kitchen is difficult to produce, and the improperly maintained kitchen is hard to see.
Shanting Night Banquet said: “Only love and food can not live up to it!” Instantly eaten as a classic. In the busy, lonely urban life, food does give people comfort. And the origin of the food – the kitchen, its decoration and maintenance is even more sloppy. Dirty kitchens are difficult to produce, and improperly maintained kitchens are hard to come by.

The choice of furniture materials is very diverse and can be counted for kitchen furniture. The most common kitchen furniture materials on the market today are:

First, fire board
Fire boards are the most common material on the market. The fireproof board is made of multi-layer kraft paper impregnated with resin and then subjected to high temperature and high pressure. High temperature resistance, wear resistance, and a lot of color. At present, most of the kitchen utensils on the market are made of high-core boards, particleboards and other artificial boards, and fireproof boards are used to make countertops and cabinet doors.

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Cabinet fire board

Daily maintenance methods for cabinet fire board:

1. Avoid the water flowing down the table and soak it in the fireproof board of the cabinet. Otherwise, it will be deformed after a long time. If the grease has accumulated in the cabinet fireproof board sink for a long time, it is not easy to clean. You can pour some grease cleaning agent into the cabinet fire board sink and then rinse it with hot water.

2, the cabinet fire board hinge and handle loose and abnormal sound, should be adjusted in time or notify the manufacturer to repair. Every time you are cleaning the cabinet fireboard sink, be sure to clean the tube after the filter cartridge to avoid the accumulation of grease in the long-term accumulation.

3. All benzene solvents and plastic solvents should not be used as panel cleaners. The container placed in the cabinet should be cleaned before being placed. pay special attention to the water on the container. The hardware equipment in the fireproof board of the kitchen cabinet must be wiped with a dry cloth to prevent the water droplets from leaving on the surface to cause certain water marks.

Second, solid wood
Made from high-grade wood, it is quite expensive. The price of solid wood in general materials is almost the same as that of solid wood.

Solid wood cabinet

Daily maintenance methods for solid wood cabinets:

1. The most prone problem of solid wood door panels is cracking, because solid wood doors are generally made of hardwood, and it is a combination of frame and frame, so the interface position will appear slightly in different seasons and different humidity environments. Cracking or stretching is normal.

2. Do not cover some wet towels or rags on the doors of solid wood cabinets. This action can cause fading, watermarking or permanent damage to the solid wood doors.

3, if the solid wood cabinet door is directly exposed to the sun, this can make the color of the solid wood door wood itself deeper, and it may cause the paint on the surface of the solid wood door to fade.

4. Not all cleaning products can be cleaned in solid wood cabinets. If there are irritating chemicals and bleaches, they can’t be used. Besides, you can’t use petroleum product type solvents or grinding materials. Cleaning methods such as rubber or sandpaper.

Third, stainless steel
The stainless steel is mostly formed by a mold, which is wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, bright and smooth, and was once popular. In recent years, because the single color of stainless steel is difficult to meet the people’s desire for a warm and natural home style, the market share is getting smaller and smaller.

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Stainless steel cabinet

Daily maintenance methods for stainless steel kitchen utensils:

1. Basically, the stainless steel kitchen cabinet itself has basic moisture-proof treatment, but it is still not possible to flush the cabinet directly or for a long time to avoid damage to the board due to moisture. Therefore, the surface of the cabinet is stained with water, and should be immediately Dry the cloth with a dry cloth.

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2, clean on a weekday with a slightly damp rag, if it is difficult to wipe, you can use a neutral detergent and a light brush. Regular maintenance and disinfection can be wiped with a 1:1 dilution of bleach and water. pots and other objects should be dried as much as possible before being placed in the cabinet. At the same time, avoid sharp objects scratching the surface directly. Do not brush with steel brush.

3, the switch door should not be too hard or exceed the door opening angle (110 degrees), hinges and other metal parts to avoid long-term accumulation of water stains.

Fourth, mirror paint
This kitchen furniture looks gorgeous and bright, but you should pay attention to wiping it with a soft cloth to avoid scratches.

paint cabinet

Daily maintenance methods for baking cabinets:

1. Anti-scratch: The thickness of the paint film on the surface of the paint door is about 0.3mm. It is afraid of bumps and scratches. Once it is damaged, it will be difficult to repair and it needs to be replaced as a whole. Therefore, care should be taken when using it, and the surface of the door should be avoided by sharp objects during use.

2, anti-collision: paint door should avoid hitting the door panel during use, pay attention to the degree of opening and closing, avoid collisions such as handles. The hardness of the paint film of the high-quality paint cabinet door is about 2H, that is, the weight of 10 kg is smashed on the surface of the door panel, the door panel may have pits, and the paint film of the door panel will not fall off in a large area.

3, anti-acid: the acid and alkali resistance of the paint is generally poor, in the process of use should try to avoid the contact of acid and alkaline materials on the surface of the paint door, so as not to corrode the paint film of the door panel, if you accidentally put soy sauce, vinegar in the process of use Sprinkle on the surface of the door panel and wipe it with a clean cotton cloth and a little water.

4, direct sunlight: paint film on the paint door will be discolored due to high temperature, so in the process of use should try to avoid direct sunlight, if the window can be directly into the sun, it is recommended to do some shielding on the window.

5, do not use alcohol, gasoline and other solvents to wipe the stain on the paint furniture, in order to prevent the color and luster of the paint film SQ-immunoglobulin