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Perth, Australia Vacation or Workcation???

Today we are driving down to Margaret River which will take 3-4 hrs! Finally I can leave my computer behind & stop working for a minute!  Every time I come to Perth it always so lovely & relaxing (even though I have been working non stop since I got here).  For me it is too important to get a balanced life so I know when to stop so I can spend quality time with my family.  I have never been one of those ‘die hard fashion people’ & I dont eat, sleep, drink & dream fashion 24/7.  I also think its important to step away from your job occassionally to ge a better prospective on life in general. Yesterday we went to another love...
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Perth, Australia weekend is here TGIF

Im supposed to be on my vacation since last WED but since I’ve been in Australia, everyday I’ve been working working so I decided to called it a ‘workcation’ instead.  Not sure if it makes much of a difference but at least Friday is here!! Few years ago (I never remember how long we’ve been married or even together LOL…ok Im the bad wifey) I married Jason Capobianco, he is 2nd generation Italiano/Australian.  The Capobianco keeps up their Italiano roots by making homemade dishes often.  Yday I visited some relatives as they were making some homemade salami! OMG how amazing is that! Im truly blessed to be part of The Capo...
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From NYC to Perth

I went from New York city to Hong Kong then onto Perth, Australia for our family summer vacation.  Living in a city like HK & also working in the fashion industry I find people very insecure & uber materialistic.  So whenever I visit Perth, it gives me a sense of calmness & a break from negative vibes which the city & people might bring on.  I LUV visiting Perth bcoz: No fashion talk, No pretentiousness, No judging, No showing off, No EGO!!  I can just chill & do sod all! We are here for a few weeks….let the fun begin! . Instagram:  @gracelamstyle   @gracelamf1   @jasoncapobiancophotography . YouTube:  Grace Lam (Grace L...
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