Salesforce’s specialty is in client connection administration software package for businesses to higher manage their interactions with buyers. Its exploration arm is guiding Salesforce Einstein, an AI solution that “learns” from information to provide predictions and proposals determined by a business’ unique processes.

Salesforce’s new exploration heart adds on the checklist of high-profile openings of a number of other AI facilities listed here, such as the NTU-Alibaba Analysis Lab and SMU’s Centre for AI and Data Governance.

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Minister for Communications and data S Iswaran, who was with the centre opening, stated the AI centre is “an endorsement” in the get the job done Singapore is accomplishing in the AI field.

The Singapore Federal government can also be putting money where its mouth is, saying earlier this month (March) that it will inject yet another $300 million to study and growth (R&D) in frontier technologies, such as artificial intelligence. The top-up brings the total R&D fund to $660 million, a key indicator of how Singapore is committed to making Smart Nation living a reality right here.

Mr Iswaran also urged the industry to address the ethical and societal dimension of AI noting that AI is still not well understood.

For instance, AI applications in sectors such as healthcare can yield major social benefits, but the potential for mishandling the information collected by governments and firms to enable these applications poses major reputational risks.

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On the sidelines in the last World Economic Forum meeting in Davos in January this year (2019), Mr Iswaran announced the launch of Asia’s first model framework for governing AI to address some of these concerns.

“The before we address it, the more transparent we are, the greater the potential,” reported Mr Iswaran on Wednesday (March 27).

“We’re keen to work with partners like Salesforce in nurturing the ecosystem whilst we develop talent and ensure the ethical framework is in place to guide us in this journey,” he added.

During a panel discussion on the role of AI in business and society following the centre opening, Mr George Wang, senior vice president for information technology at Singapore Airlines, stated that AI plans an important role for the national carrier.

For example, AI technology helps to predict flight delays, as well as to handle customer feedback and queries a lot more efficiently, he stated.

“Among the feedback, some are urgent, like medical cases. Before, we had to manually handle all this feedback, but by applying AI that helps to identify and understand the sentiment and context of feedback, so that it can auto-classify them and sieve out the urgent cases that need our immediate attention,” Mr Wang added.

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