Bethesda has released more details for Fallout 76’s new dungeon The Burrows which is arriving next week as well as the previously announced in-game camera which is due out later this month.The Burrows were initially a drainage system for Harpers Ferry but after the bombs fell in the Fallout universe it quickly become home to survivors. Expect a whole bunch of challenging enemies in trying to finish The Burrows’ Waste Management quest.

The Burrows is the latest piece of new content for Wild Appalachia the ongoing release schedule for post-launch content. (And the first of three such release schedules with two more coming later this year.) It follows the launch of new brewing mechanics the Survival Mode Beta new quests and the Fasnacht Parade event. Initially an in-game Camera item was meant to release today as well. However it was recently delayed to a patch coming later this month.

Today’s update includes the new PvE Burrows dungeon. Players can start the new Waste Management quest when they access the sewers through one of the entrances in Harpers Ferry. Inside they’ll find the body of a Brotherhood of Steel scribe which will start the quest. Although the Waste Management quest itself is not a repeatable quest the Burrows dungeon can be tackled as many times as players want. Some footage of this dungeon featured in the Wild Appalachia DLC trailer.

This new subterranean dungeon apparently offers a “challenging experience” as you work to complete the new Waste Management quest.The tunnels are basically a storm drain system which was built beneath the city. After the Great War the tunnels became a safe shelter from the elements and ne’er do wells.At some point the Brotherhood of Steel detected odd electronic signatures coming from the now vacant drain system. The group sent forces down into The Burrows to investigate but none returned.

Starting the Waste Management quest involves gaining access to The Burrows via two manhole covers. One is near the Armory in Harper’s Ferry and the other near Highway 65. Once you enter the underground look for a dead Brotherhood of Steel scribe whose body contains information on the sewers. The Burrows quest can only be completed once and is balanced for 2+ level 50+ Vault Dwellers. Completing the quest will reward you with some nice loot and experience. You can always go back and repeat the dungeon as many times as you want for even more loot and XP.

Along with the new dungeon the functional camera is coming to the game later this month tied to a quest. The camera was first revealed back in February. First you’ll need to find the unlucky dead tourist who’s holding the camera enabling you to complete a quest that will have you taking specific snapshots to complete a ‘bucket list’ of sorts. Once you’ve got a camera you’ll be able to craft new cameras and mod them with extras—lenses for example. Any photos you take with the camera will be saved to your Photomode gallery. Expect other new challenges involving the camera to be added to the game.