Apex Legends update version 1.12 is out now for PS4 Xbox One and PC. Here are the patch notes for this brand new update.This patch for Apex Legends mainly deals with implementing some bug fixes ahead of the bug update and release of the new season 2 and battle pass.

One of the biggest gameplay changes that the update brought is that Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps can no longer deal damage through walls. This would happen before in certain situations but Respawn called it a bug and fixed such interaction. Also the exploit that allowed players to place Caustic’s traps with no cooldown has been fixed.

An adjustment to the newly-introduced loss forgiveness for the Elite Queue is also live. Respawn wrote it fixed “players not being rewarded with Loss Forgiveness after their teammate left during an Apex Elite match.” From now on if you’re in an Elite match and fail to reach top five after an ally has quit your match you should have your loss forgiven and continue to have access to the Elite Queue while keeping your Elite Streak.

Players can now use three configuration commands that they were disabled before and one of them allows players to set the maximum frames per second they want in their game. Respawn’s most cryptic change was that it fixed “a number of game logic script errors.” The company has yet to comment on what positive impact this will have for Apex.

While today’s Apex Legends update isn’t exactly content-rich the fixes it contains are fairly noteworthy. With regard to sliding for example popular streamers like Shroud vowed to quit playing Apex until movement accuracy had been restored. The situation had changed after the June 4 update but it appears Respawn has solved the problem for good. Glitches related to Caustic also essentially broke the game for those who wished to play fairly as well. Especially with the Elite Queue in play for the Legendary Hunt event spamming Gas Traps became a common method for securing easy victory. While Apex Legends has certainly seen buggier days than those of the past week it’s still good to see developers responding to fan feedback quickly.

Today’s Apex Legends update arrives days after the reveal of Season 2 at EA Play. Dubbed Battle Charge the new content season begins July 2 with the debut of the L-Star weapon ranked play and a new Legend named Wattson. All that being said this small patch serves as a stopgap for much larger content-focused updates to come.