Apex Legends in case you somehow haven’t heard is the recent slide-n-shoot battle royale hit from Titanfall devs Respawn – and it’s a pretty damn good game. And now that Season 1 has released it looks set to be even damn good-er than before. Certainly enough for me to spend hundreds of hours in-game collating the below top Apex legends tips and tricks on how to become pretty damn good yourself.

Our 100 Apex Legends tips are broken into four skill sections: beginner intermediate advanced and expert. A lot of effort has been made to ensure there’s something for everyone here even seasoned veterans. There are some really obscure tips and strategies in the advanced and expert sections so if you’re confident that you know everything there is to know about Apelegs I suggest you skip ahead and prepare to be surprised!

The v1.1.1 patch for Apex Legends is already changing up how players approach the battle royale including the way they drop down to King’s Canyon at the start of a match. Battle royales typically employ a form of dropping into a map to get a game underway and for a long time Apex Legends players had the best way to do it figured out.But players are starting to turn a new leaf as changes in the latest patch have revealed a much faster way of making landfall fist.

In what will assuredly be great news for people who didn’t bother perfecting their jump routine it looks like going straight down to one’s targeted destination is overall faster than dropping early.“Due to the change in speed of the drop ship you’re better off just waiting till you’re directly over the LZ to drop instead of dropping 900-1100 meters before the LZ previously,” Reddit user ‘DestroyYesterday’ said. “If you wait to drop you’ll get there 3-5 seconds earlier and that can make all the difference.”

The patch notes mention that the team wants to improve the experience of long-range gameplay. Sniper weapons will receive a buff in the form of a smaller leg shot damage reductions. To facilitate shooting weapon sway and DMR will be adjusted accordingly.Other weapons will be changed. The Spitfire will be nerfed by two points but it remains quite useful. All Wingman versions will feature a smaller magazine while the Longbow DMR and Havoc receive significant base magazine size and fire rate improvements.

The speed at which the speed travels has been increased to reduce waiting time for players who like to join the fight at a later time. A few interface bugs were removed with Apex Legends 1.1.1.The game arrived as a breath of fresh air in a segment ruled by veterans like PUBG and Fortnite. While the later remains the most prestigious battle royale title in the world Apex Legends is quite famous and new players join the fray each day. The game is available for free on Origin.