EA are likely to release an untradeable Baby Icon SBC on FUTMas in a bid to balance out the Icon market which is way too high at the moment. The SBC would most likely require you to submit high-rated squads thus creating a huge demand for 85- and 86-rated players. Special player SBCs for the FUTMas roster will also make the prices of 85-rated players go up. Last year the FUTMas roster included German speedster Timo Werner Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. We have no idea who we’re getting this year but we’re sure it’ll be a great group of players. 85-rated cards currently cost 9k while you can pick up 86s for 17k coins.

Thanks to Hunter Returns in FIFA 19 we caught a glimpse of FIFA Street again. We’re hoping this is a teaser because one of the many properties EA are sitting on that fans love Skate 4 anyone is FIFA Street. While we can’t disagree that the market may not be there for a full standalone release a proper FIFA Street mode in the main game would be outstanding. One of the things a football game must do these days is keep players coming back for days and months on end and extra modes do this very well. We want that 5-a-side skill and trick based mode with a full multiplayer aspect. We’re begging you EA please make our dream a reality.

With the active touch system opting for a natural and fluid movement system FIFA 19 allows you to juggle the ball with either your player’s knee or feet depending on your timing with the right stick. This one has been on our list for a very long time and EA is starting to address career mode but slowly. Cut-scenes that started thanks to The Journey have made their way into the transfer dealings in career mode but they were a bit stiff and need some work.

Moreover we have been desperate for a multiplayer co-op mode for years. Chatting with our friends as manager and assistant manager or perhaps having one of us as the coach and handling training while the other buys and sells players could add a whole new dimension for FIFA’s long-standing brilliant career mode.

The first thing you should do when you start Ultimate Team is work on the Starter Objectives. They rarely offer you much usually a few hundred coins or a useful mini pack but they can help you get to a point where you don’t have to worry about consumables and ensure that you have a team that can at least be used offline.

Benjamin Pavard’s beautifully struck volley for France against Argentina might have been his most eye-catching moment during the tournament but the full-back impressed in all areas on his team’s march to glory. What’s more he was playing out of position. The 21-year-old normally slots in as a centre-back for his club and with Bayern Tottenham and Chelsea reportedly interested in the versatile youngster.