The trio of classes available in Destiny 2 is the same one that long time players have come to know in the three years spent with the Bungie shooter. However, the modifications made to the various skills and subclasses make them very different from the traditional ones. In addition to having taken a closer look at the skills of Titans and Hunters, we then go on to explore the various harmonizations of the Sorcerer, perhaps one of the classes most modified in this second chapter. Even considering the arrival of new subclasses for Titans and Hunters, in fact, we believe that the total elimination of Radianza is one of the most significant changes in the game. Even the revived Walker of the Void, in any case, has undergone some substantial changes, while in essence the jumping skills and grenades have not changed.

In case you want to exploit the class ability in a defensive way it is good to favor the Curative Source, which obviously allows you to restore health: an excellent system to hold the position in case you want to try to conquer an area, lethal in combination with the Barricade of a Titan, and also useful for pressing the enemy in the event of one-on-one confrontations: instead of waiting for the shields to be reloaded, it is possible to activate the Source in a well protected corner and then return immediately to garrison the shooting lines.

Amplifying source, on the other hand, increases the damage inflicted by anyone inside it. Despite the various tests, it seemed to us a suitable solution especially for PvE, perfect for maximizing the effectiveness of coordinated assaults. The Sorcerer jumping abilities have been modified only marginally, and only in the case of the Void Walker, who now shares two Planing with the unpublished solar subclass Lama of Dawn.

Calibrated Planing and Balanced Planing respectively allow, by pressing the jump button while you are in midair, to soften (very much) the fall trajectory: the first allows you to have a better directional control, while the second prefers a slight increase in speed. The Lama of the Dawn subclass can then count on Planata Impetuosa, which should be used as a sort of double jump, to have a flicker at speed in the initial phase of elevation. This is a more unpredictable mode of movement than the others, but which is even worse with the possibility of aiming in mid-air, this time the basic skill of one of the harmonizations.

The Super Ability of the solar subclass is no longer, as has been said Radiance, but Alba Nascente. The Sorcerer evokes a series of flaming blades that can hurl against the adversaries, a little like the Lama of the Dawn of the old Titan,,fortnite-announced-the-possibility-of-winning-the-next-battle-pass-for-free,6175.html but with the necessary distinctions. Being one of the few Super that allows you to hit at a distance more than once or twice, in fact, the duration of the Rising Dawn is very short, and the activation window it must therefore be well calculated.

More than on the Super, the Sorcerers do well to count on the series of skills inserted in the two branches of the Harmonizations, which in fact allow to have interesting bonuses in different fields, Corpsation in the first place. Moving on to grenades anyway, there is nothing new to report. The Fusion Grenade is still the favorite in PvP: it attacks itself on enemies and inflicts extra damage, even if it is not enough to kill an opponent with maximum shields.

For PvE, on the other hand, both the Granata Solare, which generates a luminous sphere that damages enemies, and which is perfect for Crowd Control, and the Pyrotechnics Grenade,,129655/id,96393/Fortnite-accounts-can-now-be-merged.html which replaces the Granata Dardo only in nominal terms, is fine: identical, since it delivers small darts of light against all the enemies within its range of activation. Both of these grenades can