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Marrakech is a gorgeous city that’s rich in history and culture, and when you visit, you need to find a place to stay that feeds your curiosity and keeps up with your spirit. The El Fenn Hotel is the perfect spot – it’s a luxurious yet laid back hotel that is a sight for sore eyes and takes care of you in every way. I was impressed with all the upholstery and lighting throughout the space. The colors are vivid, bold, and modern and each detail is thoughtful, which probably explains their Mr & Mrs Smith Award for Best Dressed Hotel. Owned by Richard Branson’s sister, El Fenn is conveniently close to the Marrakech Menara Airport and walking distance to many of the city’s landmarks and restaurants. Besides having a very cool and hip vibe, the hotel is a large property of many connected riads.

On the property, the hotel many options for rooms and each room uses local craftsmanship for unique interior designs. They’re very colorful and authentic to the city’s rich history. Because of the diverse options of rooms, it’s a great place for friends, couples, and small families. It’s also not uncommon for larger parties to rent out whole riads for wedding parties and other events. The El Fenn Hotel also boasts three swimming pools – one of which is a rooftop plunge pool that has a spectacular view of the Atlas Mountains and the Koutoubia mosque. The property also has lush gardens to explore and areas for reading and relaxing with a glass of wine to help you enjoy your home away from home. The well known spa has many different treatments if further relaxation is needed. After a long day exploring, there’s nothing like a black soap scrub or a mint tea during your soak in the pool.

The hotel has a handful of dining options if you don’t feel like wandering off the property. I highly recommend having the lamb tangia at the El Fenn Restaurant. Breakfast is served buffet style on the roof terrace so that you can eat in the company of sunshine and the Atlas Mountains. Tea and coffee are available as soon as you open your eyes, but the best part is the afternoon tea served in the common areas from 3-5 p.m. After a long day of getting lost and shopping in the medina, the best thing is to relax at the hotel with tea and cake. Another must have dining experience is dinner at Dar Yacout. I highly recommend it! The El Fenn Hotel’s ability to mix casual comfort that is rich in history and modern is why it’s definitely my go to accommodation in Marrakech. Check it out next time you’re in Morocco!




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