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Marrakech is an imperial city, one of the main four in Morocco, and is one of the busiest cities in Africa. It’s a major economic centre and also a tourist favorite because of the hustle and bustle of the medina and proximity to the mountains. Before arriving to Royal Mansour, I knew that Morocco was famous for it’s amazing views and architecture, but I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the opulence that is this hotel. The Royal Mansour mimics Moroccan royalty and is a luxurious experience that I will remember dearly. Their personal promise is to inspire “happiness, wealth, and prosperity”, and within minutes of walking through their doors, I felt all three of these in the form of architecture and hospitality.

You could technically describe the Royal Mansour as a medina within a medina. The property is extravagant with their own gardens, where a myriad of flowers and vegetation grows and lives. At this hotel, every detail is recognized and you can rest assured that all your needs can and will be met. One simply just needs to ask. The recently added Le Jardin is a Spanish-designed creation that showcases the palm groves and gardens. Across the way is also a pool pavilion where you can lie out and soak up some sun or have some lunch in a minimal, contemporary setting. The entire property has high security and service to ensure that your stay is above and beyond your expectations. Each “room” at the hotel is actually an individual riad spread across three floors, complete with a roof terrace and plunge pool. In your room, you can relax and enjoy a huge DVD selection and a completely separate room service menu (my favorite thing to do on a night in – room service and tv!). The interiors are all extravagant and lavish – each tile, lamp, chair, embroidered linen is handmade by the finest artisans of Morocco. In addition, the service staff have their own secret tunnel system and service doors on each floor to deliver whatever you need.

When I could tear myself away from the room, I explored the rest of the property to absorb the grandiose surroundings. The spa is world renown and has been voted best spa in the world multiple times. The treatments there are incredible, and I loved the 100% pure argan oil. Everything felt like you were living in a world fit for a king. After lounging, I also had a delicious meal at the hotel’s amazing restaurant in the garden. The food is extremely fresh and innovative. I loved having the tapas style so I could share with friends. The veggies are freshly grown in the garden, and the menu is a good fusion of eastern and western flavors. Make sure you get the beef tanjia! It was the standout dish of the evening. Besides taking yourself for a luxury holiday in Marrakech, I recommend Royal Mansour 100% to admire the architecture, craftsmanship, and every detail of the property. The level of service and exclusivity is bar none.


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