HOTEL VILLA MAGNA (link) (instagram)

The Hotel Villa Magna is one of the more well known hotels in Madrid, located in an exciting area full of shopping and food. The hotel is beautifully decorated with elegant and luxurious details, and while its history has been long, its recent renovations has given the hotel a modern twist. The Villa Magna closed down in 2007 to conduct a full renovation to create a welcoming and beautiful new experience. The natural lighting throughout the entire space gives it a modern elegance (that’s also the best for perfect Instagram captures!).

It’s a beautiful space that has everything you need to keep you occupied while you’re in Madrid. The Lounge at the lobby has a black grand piano that makes a nice spot to hang out if you’re not at the Magnum Bar getting a refreshment. The room I stayed in had a nice huge bed with tons of light shining through. It was great to have my breakfast in the room after waking up from the sun. The hotel also has a handful of restaurants that serve different cuisines, so if you don’t feel like going out, you can eat on the property (or just get room service).  While I stayed at the Villa Magna, I ate at their Chinese restaurant, Tse Yang, which even though I was in Spain was a lovely, authentic meal. If you need a home away from home while you’re in Spain, the Hotel Villa Magna is it.





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