Firebox’s Wino Sippo Glasses Are In essence A complicated Sippy Cup For Wine

Greetings, adult humans of a consuming age, would you prefer to sip your wine is a glass that claims, “I’m refined and can not be trusted with stemmed glassware”? Allow me to introduce you to the Wino Sippo Eyeglasses from Firebox. They can be fundamentally a sippy cup for wine. I imply, you mainly act like a toddler when you are just a little tipsy; may possibly too eat drinks like a single, much too.

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“Fragile stemmed wine eyeglasses? In this particular financial system?” the products description to the Wino Sippo Eyeglasses reads. Alternatively of a stem, these glasses possess a straw. You already know, the natural regression of glassware. Because the website states, “They’ve only long gone and bent the stem into an unbelievable, elegant glass straw!” They’ve gone and bent the stem! Stem? I really don’t know her! Firebox touts the cups as “super stable sippable wine eyeglasses,” also noting that “it’s pretty much unachievable to knock certainly one of these undesirable boys in excess of.” If you’ve ever needed to provide the Tempur-pedic mattress wine examination a consider but possess a typical mattress and really don’t totally exam your stability talents, now is your prospect.

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The Wino Sippo Glass rests on two minor legs and its lengthy, curvy straw. The glass sort of appears like some type of headless lizard loaded with wine, which I think is often a marketing level they ought to have utilized but what ever. “They say the best innovations are generally easy – get the typical bowl of the wine glass, and twist its stem,” Firebox’s web site states. “Voilà, you might have a cultured tumbler having an sophisticated built-in glass straw, acceptable even with the clumsiest.” You experienced me at “wine glass.”

The Wino Sippo Glasses are sold in packs of two, great for sharing with the equally clumsy buddy. Based on Firebox’s science, their stemless stemware is drastically far more secure than your typical wine glass. “place them down on any flat floor as well as their particular stabilisers and reduced centre of gravity will hold them all-around 3,600 situations much more secure as opposed to tall, lanky, classic equal,” the internet site states. Quite simply, you will definitely, definitely really need to attempt to knock these glasses over.

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If the balance is not a marketing stage for yourself, perhaps the straw are going to be. Listen, all of us need to consume everything away from a straw. Based upon a research of 1 I done on my own, straws make practically every single beverage a lot easier plus more entertaining to sip. As well as, you really don’t should concern yourself with smudging your lipstick all over a cup. On the other hand, every one of us know by since straws and almost every other one-use plastic are not particularly great for the natural environment. The built-in straw over the Wino Sippo Eyeglasses enables you to are living your best, most straw-crazy existence whilst still becoming additional eco-friendly.

At $18.09 for just a pack of two, the Wino Sippo Eyeglasses are absolutely pricier than your standard stemless glass. But is it possible to actually put a price tag on drinking wine by means of a glass straw, sipping rosé just like the drunk grownup newborn you are? (You’ll be able to, which value is about $9 a glass.)


The Wino Sippo Glasses are not the main stemless glassware using a straw. Wine accent firm Oenophilia introduced a reasonably comparable cup at the very least around a year in the past. Firebox’s Wino Sippo Eyeglasses possess a greater opening than Oenophilia’s, which characteristics extra uniquely formed bowl. Even so, that has a curvy straw and two small glass legs, the styles are undeniably related. Oenophilia’s glass also had an almost equivalent title: the Wino Sipper. Those “Wino Sipper” eyeglasses are available on Amazon primary at $15.fourteen for a pack of four.

Whilst Firebox’s Wino Sippo glass might not be the very first of its form, they do give people who favor to sip their reds and whites sippy-cup design far more options for straw-based wine consuming. Sip on, good friends.

The add-ons in any wine accessory gift box make a perfect corporate customer presentation quipping as a long lasting token or keepsake that the recipients will cherish.


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