New to NBA 2K19? Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran of the franchise we’ve got some handy tips to get you adjusted to the latest entry just below. There’s your beginner tips and tricks as well as some details about all the changes that 2K has made to the fundamental gameplay mechanics this year including a new shot meter.

First things first the method to fix negative VC issues in NBA 2K19 depends on the platform you’re on. We’ve broken them down platform by platform below to ensure you get a fix regardless of where you play. For PS4 users you’ll need to press and hold the PlayStation button on your controller. Rather than putting the console in rest mode as you may normally do you’re going to want to Turn off PS4 instead. This should hopefully clear any issues the system is having. It’s classic IT Crowd logic.

Instead of blindly going after each badge this all-in-one guide is a must-have for the NBA 2K baller giving you the action/move requirements needed to get whatever badge you are trying to get. It includes all badges: Skill Personality and Hall of Fame Badges and also comes with analysis for each badge if you click on the individual badge. If you instead need any additional information about the upcoming game you’ll want to head over to our NBA 2K19 everything we know guide. It’s in this page that you can find out all you need to know about playing the game early with the 20th Anniversary Edition as well as a complete list of all the player ratings.

In order to sprint and run fast around the court you’ll be pleased to know that things haven’t changed from past entries in the series. You’ll still need to press and hold down R2 on PS4 or RT on Xbox One. It’s worth noting however that if you’re finding your player just simply isn’t running as fast around the court in the game as you’d hoped it could just be that your player’s stats don’t really lend them to being a quick and agile player. For example speed acceleration lateral quickness height and weight all play a part in factoring just how fast your player can sprint in NBA 2K19.

If your player has the appropriate amount of stats in his dunk ability he will do the dunk and do it better the higher it is. By the way using the right stick on your controller to perform a dunk affects what kind you do. Depending on the direction you push you’ll do a different one. You can go for as flashy as you want to be. That’s all there is to it though. That’s how you dunk in NBA 2K19. If you need more help with the game might suggest you check out our wiki for it? It’s full of a ton of guides and will sure to have your answer.