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Quintessentially British Afternoon tea under the Chandeliers

One of my favourite places in London, be it for breakfast meeting, taking visiting friends and family, a nightcap or a date night at the bar, Bernes Tavern in the London Edition has a special place in my heart. Inspired by the classic muted colours of Johannes Vermeer paintings and American artist Donald Judd, Berners Tavern has taupe coloured walls, dusty rose chairs, and a subtle play between modern and period detail. Tub chairs in the front of the space create a café-like setting, while banquettes in chestnut mohair and taupe leather and round, rift cut bleached oak tables define the central dining area. Two large custom bro...
Category: Restaurants, 飲食

A peaceful break – Coworth Park

It is no secret that Coworth Park, part of the Dorchester Collection, is one of the most popular places in England for a little luxurious getaway. It is luxurious in many senses. A late 18th-century country house hotel on the borders of Windsor Great Park is high-end style without the stuffiness, with a picturesque 240-acre private estate that offers you moments of peace and tranquillity. Being part of the Dorchester Collection implies the level of quality is higher than you can imagine. The friendliness of the staff, their helpfulness, the service, attention to detail, and everything in the park is just impeccable. Once the hom...
Category: Luxury

The quality of life- do it like VVG Taipei!

Where should I begin… There’s a lifestyle for everyone, and it may take some time to find and compromise, but ultimately, who doesn’t want the quality of life? Living in busy cities like London, Hong Kong and especially in Asia, the speed of life seems to be too overwhelming that we forgot what is the quality of life. Earlier on I went to Taipei, Taiwan for a short weekend, remembering vaguely how it was (pretty similar to Hong Kong) – lots of good food, friendly people, a place with good reading culture etc…until I was introduced to a very arty lifestyle brand called VVG, and it all changed my impression as if I was re-disc...
Category: 生活