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If you’ve done Ibiza, head over to Algarve

Summer in Europe, more northern parts in particular are often short and unpredictable. In London and UK as a whole, we are not as blessed with days with warm summer sun as many of the neighbouring countries, and this is a strong reason why so many Brits flee to places in the South like Portugal, Spain, Greece and Italy to catch some sun. (Think how we in Hong Kong loves flying to the nearby countries like Thailand, Bali, Malaysia etc for short vacations, and some proper sunshine and beach time.) Among the very popular summer holiday choices are Ibiza, Mykonos, Capri and Algarve. Catching the tail of summer, 2 weeks ago I went to ...
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Drink your way through time

Do you know what’s so special about this view? It is the iconic London night view, but also the place I was standing on taking this photo, was where Fred Astaire danced. And as Gene Kelly would later say, dance history begins with Fred Astaire. This very rooftop on The Savoy, London, marks the beginning of a very interesting new cocktail bar menu that has recently been launched. The Savoy in London has long been one of the most loved luxury hotels through time. Celebrities, actors, actresses etc had been regular guests, and when they do, there is always some urban myths or stories be told. Researching on the history of the hotel...
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Discovering The Cavendish

Marylebone has become more and more fashionable, and there are so many nice places to wine and dine. 35 New Cavendish for example is one. Since its launch in November 2014, The Cavendish in the heart of Marylebone, is one of the places that most stylish locals hang out.  This hip bar and all-day brasserie with a relaxed vibe and plush interiors, that combines the characteristics of an old world English pub serves a modern European menu. Being almost 2 years old, this little place managed to stay a well kept secret and only known among those who are “in the know”.   Newly appointed Italian head chef, Douglas Santi. With over ...
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QP Ldn : the Amalfi Coast escape in Mayfair

Italian cuisine is always a good idea. But it is not easy to find a place with good food. Earlier in September I went to the launch of the QP Lounge, underneath the renown QP Ldn Restaurant (previously Quattro Passi -the sister restaurant to the two Michelin-starred Quattro Passi in Nerano, Italy). I was intrigued to give it a try.     Situated in the heart of Mayfair on the fashionable Dover Street next to the Victoria Beckham and Christian Louboutin boutiques,  the place boasts Italian food from Amalfi coast. The restaurant’s high-end contemporary design has been re-worked to incorporate modern artwork including tria...
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La Dolce Vita at QP Lounge

There is always something new in London, be it a bar, a restaurant, a new shop, or a club. Everyday there is something going on.   QP Lounge, the latest late-night bar and lounge on the fashionable Dover beneath QP LDN restaurant finally launched on a breezy September night. QP LDN is famed for its high-end authentic Amalfi coast inspired cooking, and popular amongst celebs and royals alike including Prince Andrew, King Juan Carlos of Spain, Kofi Annan, Valentino, Kylie Minogue, Hugh Grant and Anne Hathaway. It is not hard to understand why the queue is massive outside on the launch night, when guests inside are enjoying Möet ...
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